Where Are Extreme Tool Boxes Made?

Extreme Tools was founded in 1999 by Larry Grela, an auto industry veteran. As long-lasting as their tool chests are said to be, so is their company leadership. Grela is still the owner of Extreme Tools today. 

In the beginning, the company manufactured tools and delivered them locally. When business grew, they expanded into building tool chests. This move took place in 2004 and marked a successful shift for the brand. Since then, Extreme Tools has focused on tool carts, chests, and boxes.

Extreme Tools caters its products to professionals and avid hobbyists. Their main headliner, rolling tool carts, are well known for their durability and ability to withstand, well, the extreme. The designs feature patented design aspects and a Lifetime Warranty. Aside from tool chests, the company also manufactures accessories like tool organizers, LED lighting, and caster wheels, all to outfit your tool cart. 

They are headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, and do business domestically and abroad. You can order directly from their website or a third-party retailer. Before clicking the Purchase button though, you should know where that tool cart was built. Read on to find out. 

Verdict: Are Extreme Tool Boxes Made in the USA?

No, Extreme Tool Boxes are not made in the USA. All of their tool boxes and chests are made overseas.

Despite their seemingly popular reputation among technicians and professionals, Extreme Tools doesn’t offer much information on their site aside from product descriptions. The About Page does not fit their favorite keyword unless you used it to say “extreme” lack of information. 

Here is the most informative excerpt from the Extreme Tools About page:

They state that they have a factory. Is that a domestic factory? Where is it located? Do you like your employees? They have “additional overseas factories.” Do these foreign factories just supply materials, or do they also build the products? 

A search for the term “Made in USA” on the company website yields no results. Browsing through product pages was also fruitless, as there are no disclaimers for country of origin or if an item is imported. 

Hitting dead ends at every turn, we finally reached out to the customer service team. Here is their reply to our email:

And there you have it. Extreme Tools are not made in the US, and the company doesn’t seem eager to disclose where they are made. With that, it isn’t too far of a stretch to conclude that Extreme Tools products are most likely made in East Asia. After all, if they were made in someplace known for their expert metalwork, like Italy or Japan, that would certainly be a tagline in their marketing. 

It’s good to be extreme when you’re a toolbox company. But it’d be even better to be made in the USA.

Popular American Made Extreme Tool Boxes

  • None that we could find

Popular Extreme Tool Boxes Not Made in the USA

  • Extreme Tools DX4107HR: 41” Power Workstation and Roller Cabinet Combo
  • Extreme Tools DX Series 72” 17 Drawer Roller Cabinet
  • Deluxe 36” 5 Drawer Extra Capacity Road Box, Extreme Tools TX Series

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