Razors Made in the USA

There are a ton of options out there for safety and straight razors. It’s an industry that is exploding with bespoke brands to compete with large corporations, but very few of them are sourcing and assembling their razors in the states. That’s why we set out to find the companies that are producing quality razors and doing all their manufacturing in America. Below, you’ll find lots of details about our findings.

Full List of Razor Brands Made in the USA

Timeless Razor

Headquarters: Royalton, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

First up is the bronze double-edge safety razor from Timeless Razor. It’s made from solid C954 Bronze, which will give you a bit of a different feel than the typical titanium or stainless steel safety razor. It has a 0.38 mm blade gap, which is a bit wider than normal and will result in a milder shave, but this blade will definitely get through tough hairs well. The handle is thick enough that it feels solid in your hand and can also stand up on its own on your bathroom sink counter.

Wet Shaving Club

Headquarters: PA

States manufacturing in: PA

The safety razor from Wet Shaving Club is made from marine grade 316 stainless steel. They spent a lot of time designing the razor to give you a comfortable, smooth shave and reduce the risk of cuts. Everything is designed and machined in small batches in their family-owned facility in Pennsylvania. It has a thick handle that gives you a good grip on the razor, which is important to make sure it doesn’t slip and you can apply the right pressure to get a great shave. This stainless steel razor is built to last for several years.

Sixty8 Provisional Co

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

The Working Man Safety Razor from Sixty8 Provisional is made for sensitive skin. The razor handle in particular is designed for a close shave while minimizing nicks and cuts. It weighs twice as much as a typical razor handle, which allows the actual razor to do all of the work versus you “pushing” the razor across your face, which causes unnecessary friction. The handle is also 5/8″ taller than normal, allowing you to view the edge of the blade at some of those difficult angles. The razor head is pretty typical and accepts pretty much any double-sided razor blade. If you purchase the razor, it comes with 10 blades to get you started. The Working Man Safety Razor also comes with a stylish handmade wooden box.

Classic Shaving

Headquarters: Sandpoint, ID

States manufacturing in: ID

The Hart Steel 6/8 Satin Finish Round Point Straight Razor is a professional straight razor. The steel they use is no joke – the razor is made from 0-1 tool steel, triple-tempered, and heat treated in a molten salt bath. All of that to say, this razor stays sharp and handles well against decarbonization and oxidation, both of which occur naturally in the shaving process. This Hart Steel straight razor is well balanced and also comes with a few different customization options. You can choose from 6 scale styles: the default black resin or options like maple or walnut. Each razor comes with a storage box, wrench, and instruction manual.

Classic Shaving also sells a Blades Grim razor, another straight razor that is “shave-ready”. It features a carbon fiber handle and the blade won’t need any sharpening initially. Ideal for a professional barber looking to provide a quality shave.

Factors To Consider

Steel/Metal Quality

Right off the bat, you have to look at blade quality. So many razor manufacturers cut corners and make their blades with “mystery metal” to save on costs. Look for razor blades made with stainless steel and that have documentation on testing results for hardness and tempering. For straight razors, they needed to have a hardness level over 60. For safety razors, the hardness level was less important because most people will pick up their own blades.

Also, make sure that each razor went through some sort of treating process to solve natural oxidation and carbonization issues that occur in the shaving process. You’re in a damp environment when you’re shaving and metal’s exposure to water naturally causes rust, so it needs protection.


For safety razors, there are 3 big factors for how close of a shave you’re going to get (how “aggressive” your shave is):

  • Blade gap – The distance between the guard and the blade edge. The smaller the blade gap, the milder the shave.
  • Blade exposure – How far the blade extends past the guard. The more exposure, the more aggressive the shave.
  • Blade angle – The angle of the blade against your skin. Sharper angles give you a more aggressive shave.


A good razor has to handle well. The 3 biggest factors here are typically the weight, height, and diameter of the handle. We like heavier razors because they allow the razor to do all of the work in the shaving process. If the handle is too light, your hand has to do more work, which causes more friction, and consequently, nicks and cuts. Longer handles also help you get to better viewing angles in those harder-to-reach places along the jawline. And lastly, a wider diameter handle allows you to grip your razor better.

Sharpening and Polishing Ability

Especially for straight razors, your blade needs to be easy to sharpen. Typically it just requires a bit of oil and a strop, which is a flexible strip of leather or canvas that you can use to polish and straighten your razor blade. If you take care of it correctly, you should only need to polish it every couple of months or so, depending on how often you use your straight razor of course.


Look at price when evaluating razors. Don’t consider any brands where you think the product quality doesn’t live up to the price tag. Ultimately though, it’s all about what you’re comfortable with and within your budget. Happy shopping and let us know if you have any questions! For more grooming and bathroom products, check out our guides on toothpaste made in the USAAmerican-made towels, and beard care products made in the USA.