Razors Made in the USA

There are a ton of options out there for safety and straight razors. It’s an industry exploding with bespoke brands to compete with large corporations, but very few are sourcing and assembling their razors in the states. That’s why we set out to find companies producing quality razors and doing all their manufacturing in America. Below, you’ll find lots of details about our findings.

Full List of Razor Brands Made in the USA

Timeless Razor

Headquarters: Royalton, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

First up is the bronze double-edge safety razor from Timeless Razor. It’s made from solid C954 Bronze, giving you a bit of a different feel than the typical titanium or stainless steel safety razor. It has a 0.38 mm blade gap, which is a bit wider than normal and will result in a milder shave, but this blade will definitely get through tough hairs well. The handle is thick enough that it feels solid in your hand and can also stand up on its own on your bathroom sink counter.

Yates Precision Manufacturing

Headquarters: Waynesburg, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

The safety razor from Yates Precision Manufacturing is made from marine grade 316 stainless steel. They spent a lot of time designing the razor to give you a comfortable, smooth shave and reduce the risk of cuts. Everything is designed and machined in small batches in their family-owned facility in Pennsylvania. It has a thick handle that gives you a good grip on the razor, which is important to make sure it doesn’t slip and you can apply the right pressure to get a great shave. This stainless steel razor is built to last for several years.

Sixty8 Provisional Co

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

The Working Man Safety Razor from Sixty8 Provisional is made for sensitive skin. The razor handle, in particular, is designed for a close shave while minimizing nicks and cuts. It weighs twice as much as a typical razor handle, which allows the actual razor to do all of the work versus you “pushing” the razor across your face, which causes unnecessary friction. The handle is also 5/8″ taller than normal, allowing you to view the edge of the blade at some of those difficult angles. The razor head is pretty typical and accepts pretty much any double-sided razor blade. If you purchase the razor, it comes with ten blades to get you started. The Working Man Safety Razor also comes with a stylish handmade wooden box.

Classic Shaving

Headquarters: Sandpoint, ID

States manufacturing in: ID

The Hart Steel 6/8 Satin Finish Round Point Straight Razor is a professional straight razor. The steel they use is no joke – the razor is made from 0-1 tool steel, triple-tempered, and heat treated in a molten salt bath. All of that to say, this razor stays sharp and handles well against decarbonization and oxidation, both of which occur naturally in the shaving process. This Hart Steel straight razor is well-balanced and comes with a few different customization options. You can choose from 6 scale styles: the default black resin or options like maple or walnut. Each razor comes with a storage box, wrench, and instruction manual.

Classic Shaving also sells a Blades Grim razor, another straight razor that is “shave-ready.” It features a carbon fiber handle, and the blade won’t need any sharpening initially. Ideal for a professional barber looking to provide a quality shave.

How To Find Razors Made in the USA

Look below for the best way to find razors made in the USA.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

For something to be “made in the USA,” the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states that “all or virtually all” of the product must be made in the United States. In other words, everything from the raw materials sourced and the actual assembly of the product must be from and take place in the USA.

Check out our  “made in the USA” labeling guide to learn more about this.


To find razors made in the USA, the first step is to research the materials used and understand where these materials come from. The materials used in razors affect not only the look of the razor but also its grip and quality. The most common materials used in razors include stainless steel, wood, and plastic.

Stainless Steel

Finding US-made steel is not as difficult as you might think. This is because the USA is one of the world’s largest steel manufacturers! The USA comes in fourth behind only China, Japan, and India.

A major difference between imported steel and domestic steel is that imported steel is often less durable. American-made steel is actually three times stronger than Chinese-made steel! If you are looking for a good quality and sturdy razor that will last longer, American-made stainless steel razors are your best bet! Just be sure to double-check the country of origin of the steel used, as Asia produces most of this material.


The main types of wood used for razors are hardwoods and bamboo. Hardwoods, such as oak and maple, are more expensive but more durable – perfect in a damp environment such as the bathroom where shaving usually takes place. This makes for a more premium experience. The USA is one of the top producers of hardwood lumber in the world, falling just slightly behind China. This means there is an ample supply of American hardwoods to choose from.

However, on the flip side, the USA is one of the largest importers of bamboo. The majority of bamboo sourced is from China. So if the razor you are looking at features a bamboo handle, it is most likely not made with US-produced bamboo. Instead, opt for hardwoods.


Plastic razors are popular as they are generally cheaper than those made with stainless steel or wood and are therefore used as the more budget-friendly alternative. Although China is the number one producer of this material, the USA still produces around 20% of the world’s plastic, which is not insignificant. This means that although you are more likely to come across plastic made in China, you will be able to find American-made plastic with a bit of research.


The labels you can find on razors or the packaging will also help you find US-made razors. Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the United States Code states that all imported products must be labeled as such, which helps weed out foreign-made products. When you are after an American-made razor, look specifically for the “made in the USA” label.

The “made in the USA” label is policed by the FTC. However, there is no pre-approval process to use this label. It is up to the companies to determine whether their product is worthy of the label. So, watch out for this! Consumers can report any false “made in the USA” claims, which the FTC will then review.

Another thing to watch out for is misleading words on labels. Many companies use confusing words to lead consumers to think that their product is made in the USA. Examples include “made in America,” “manufactured in the USA,” and “designed in the USA.” “Made in America” could mean the product is made in Canada or Mexico. And labels that use the words “manufactured” or “designed” usually mean the product is not fully made in the USA.

The American flag sticker is another thing to look out for. A product with an American flag sticker on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is made in the USA. The sticker is not government-regulated, so it is best to ignore it as it is not the best way to determine whether the razor is made in the USA.

Other Tips

Here are some extra tips to keep in mind when looking for razors made in the USA.

Check Out the Company’s Website

Check out the company’s website for information about the country of origin of the razor you’re interested in buying. But keep in mind that it is not required for the company to state which country the razor is made in on the website. So, if you can’t find the country of origin, it’s likely the product is made abroad.

On the other hand, any razor made in the USA is a huge selling point, so you should definitely see this stated and advertised on the company’s website.

Go Online Shopping

Shopping sites like Amazon will have a trove of information about the product and the company that produces them. Specifically, check out the Production Information section of the product page on Amazon. If you can’t find any information there, look at the FAQ section to see if someone has already asked a question regarding the product’s country of origin.

Call the Company

The quickest and easiest way to be sure that the razor you are buying is made in the USA is to call the company directly. Here, you will be able to speak to a representative who can answer all your questions.

Razors Not Made in the USA

During our research, we found some popular razor companies which are not American-made, we will continue looking for more to add. Here’s what we’ve found so far.

  • Gillette Venus – Made in Mexico
  • Bic – Made in Greece 
  • Schick Quattro – Made in Germany
  • Van Der Hagen – Made in Germany

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