Towels Made in the USA

Towels look and feel best when you know you’re getting the best materials out there. That’s why we’ve taken the time to research all of the towels made in the USA. Check out our complete list with details about each one.

Complete List of Towel Brands Made in the USA

1888 Mills

Headquarters: Griffin, GA

States manufacturing in: GA

1888 Mills is a well-known company specializing in soft and durable bath towels. The 1888 Mills 100% organic cotton towels are particularly soft because they are made from highly absorbent combed cotton. These towels have tough two-ply construction and are made to withstand repeated use well. They are designed to be simple in appearance but have a plush feel.


Headquarters: Camas, WA

States manufacturing in: WA

Authenticity50 has just one range of Essential Cotton Towels but has designed them to be simple and good quality so that they go in any bathroom. You can buy an individual bath towel, a set of two hand towels, a set of two washcloths, or a bath bundle that includes two full-size towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths and works out as 15% cheaper than buying separately.

All of their towels are 100% made in the USA, from ‘Seed to Stitch” – meaning that everything from the fiber picked to the final product is made in America, supporting over 500 local jobs. They’re transparent on their site about where their products are made – cotton is grown in California, yarn spun in Georgia, and woven and hand sewn in the Carolinas.

Their towels are thick – they’re 800 gms in weight, which is 25% heavier than most towels, and they use an oversized design to keep you warm. These towels are designed to give you a spa feeling at home. The towels also come wrapped in air-tight plastic, which helps protect everything in the shipping process. Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Authenticity50 as well!

Red Land Cotton

Headquarters: Moulton, AL

States manufacturing in: AL

Red Land Cotton is a family-owned and operated business, and all the cotton for their towels is grown on their family farm in North Alabama. They offer bundle options, including a robe that is also 100% made in the USA. Some of their towels get sold out quickly, but they offer other cotton-based products as well. Each bath bundle comes with two large bath towels, washcloths, and hand towels. These towels are described to be incredibly soft and luxuriously plush. Red Land is also on our list of American made kitchen towels.

American Blossom Linens

Headquarters: Thomaston, GA

States manufacturing in: GANCSCTX

American Blossom Linens makes great towel sets and towel separates that are 100% cotton and domestically sourced. The towels are a heavy 700 GSM, so they feel great when you step out of the shower. Their towel sets come with two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths.

American Blanket Co

Headquarters: Fall River, MA

States manufacturing in: MA

As you probably guessed, the American Blanket Company also makes blankets, but their towels are designed to be super comfy and made with 100% U.S.-grown cotton. They have a lot of embroidery and customization options, including 15 different embroidery colors to choose from. Their towels are actually manufactured in the same facility as 1888 Mills (listed above). They’re designed to offer a luxurious feel and are highly absorbent. These towels are also ringspun, which helps with durability.

Towels by GUS

Headquarters: Sonoma, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Started in 2011, Towels by GUS has been making top-quality ringspun towels made from 100% cotton and manufactured in the USA. Towels by GUS is a small, family-run business based out of Sonoma, CA. They feature a tough single-hem border that wraps around these towels. The towels are made from loose-knit cotton, which helps make them particularly absorbent. They should be washed and dried before the first use for the best performance and longest durability.

Southern Drawl

Headquarters: Omega, GA

States manufacturing in: GA

Southern Drawl manufactures amazing bath towels using Georgia-grown cotton. You can choose between white and grey towel sets and order a couple of large bath towels or a complete set with hand towels and washcloths.

American Cotton

Headquarters: New York City, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

American Cotton makes luxurious bath towels from 100% US-sourced cotton. They are crazy soft and fluffy, perfect for when you’re stepping out of a hot shower or bath. They also offer great robes made from the same material.

Mike’s YouTube Video on American Made Towels

How To Find Towels Made In The USA

If you are looking for soft and long-lasting towels that support local companies, towels made in the USA are your best bet. Finding USA-made towels means you get to dry yourself with a great quality towel while minimizing the carbon footprint of imported products.

Here’s more information about how we find American made towels and the towel manufacturing industry.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), for a product to be “made in the USA,” “all or virtually all” of the product must be made in the USA. This means everything from the raw materials used to the assembly of the product should be based in the United States.

If you want to learn more about the label’s meaning, check out our detailed labeling and American made shopping guide. Let’s dive into towels specifically, though, starting with material sourcing.


To find towels made in the USA, we must first look into what materials are commonly used and determine where they are manufactured.


Cotton is the most popular textile used to make towels. Cotton is popular because it is soft, breathable, durable, and hydrophilic, perfect for absorbing water. Here are a few different types of cotton used in towels:

  • Egyptian cotton: A super-soft, smooth, and luxurious material.
  • 100% natural cotton: the most common form of cotton.
  • Turkish cotton: made using super long strands grown only in the Aegeon region.

Although cotton is a 21 billion dollar industry in the United States, the USA is still only the third largest producer of the material globally. Instead, China and India are the world’s leading producers. But since there is still a sizeable cotton industry in the USA, it shouldn’t be too hard to find locally sourced cotton.


Linen is a popular choice used in towels as it is a durable, breathable, and Absorbant fabric that is 30% stronger than cotton. While cotton can absorb around 25% of its weight, linen can absorb 20%, so it is still a good alternative. Linen is made from fibers extracted from the stalks of the flax plant, which is found mostly in European countries.

As with most textiles, China is the largest producer of linen worldwide. However, a significant amount of high-quality linen fabric is produced in Europe. On the other hand, the USA is not a significant linen producer, so finding USA-made linen towels may be difficult.


Bamboo has become an increasingly popular material used in towels as bamboo is soft, durable, extremely absorbent, eco-friendly, and resists shrinkage. Bamboo fabric can hold up to 70% more water than cotton, making it a more suitable material for towels.

The majority of bamboo is sourced from China, as China is the largest bamboo producer. Conversely, the USA is one of the largest importers of bamboo, so if you are looking for USA-made bamboo towels, make sure you do plenty of research. With that said, there are some promising signs that the bamboo industry will grow in the USA, so you may be able to find more US-made bamboo towels in the near future.


Paying attention to the labeling of a product is a crucial step in finding towels made in the USA. There are two laws that help us find US-made towels more easily. 

The first law is the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act. This act specifies that for textile products, companies need to label their products with the following:

  1. The use of standardized language for the fiber material used in the product.
  2. The percentage of the material utilized in the product’s production.
  3. The country of origin.

The second is Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the US Code, which requires imported products to be labeled with the country of origin.

Now that you understand these laws, it is time to find products labeled “made in the USA.” The FTC protects the use of this label, so you can be quite confident that if you see this, the product is made in the USA. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, the FTC does not do a great job of policing the use of the label, as there is no pre-approval process. Instead, it is up to the companies to determine whether their product meets the requirements to use this label.

Secondly, watch out for any tricky labels, as many companies use confusing words to make consumers believe a product is made in the USA. For example, labels such as “manufactured in the USA” or “designed in the USA” means that not every part of the product is made in the USA. Labels like “made in America” are tricky, too, as America can also include Canada and Mexico. 

Lastly, watch out for the use of the American flag sticker on labels. The American flag sticker is not regulated and does not necessarily mean the product is made in the USA. So, make sure you do your research before purchasing a product!

Other Tips

Here are some extra tips to help you find your US-made towels.

Check the Company’s Website

Their website may contain information about the origin of the towels. Check the “About Us” page or look at the frequently asked questions to see what they say. It is important to remember that companies are not required to list the country of origin on any online listings or advertisements, only on the physical product itself.

But having a towel made in the USA is a huge selling point, so if this is the case, you should find this information on the company’s website. Conversely, if there is a lack of information on the country of origin, it is most likely made overseas.

Call the Company

If you are struggling to find the country of origin information on a towel, you can call the company directly and ask.

Towels Not Made in the USA

During our research, we came across several big brands that are not making their towels in the USA. We’ve included the full list below as well as where their towels are being made.

  • Scooms – Made in Turkey.
  • The White Company – Made in Turkey and Portugal.
  • Frontgate – Made in Turkey.
  • Riley Home – Made in Portugal.
  • Parachute – Made in Turkey.
  • Coyuchi – Made in Turkey and India.
  • Brooklinen – Made in Turkey.
  • Onsen – Waffle Set made in China from American cotton, Plush Set made in Turkey from Turkish-grown Aegean cotton.

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