Where Are DuroMax Generators Made?

DuroMax Power Equipment is a brand that specializes in portable generator technology. A key feature for many American consumers is manufacturing location. We looked into this brand to find out where their products are made.

DuroMax was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Ontario, California. They produce generators, horizontal engines, water pumps, and other portable power gear. Not just for bunker-builders, their customer field includes homeowners, contractors, RVers, farmers, and more.

The company is second-generation owned by David Raskin. Since they hit the scene, DuroMax has introduced a vast range of generator models, from compact to beastly. Designs range from 3,000-watt to 12,000-watt and run off some form of natural gas.

Increasingly becoming a home necessity, many people are searching for the right generator for personal use. Let’s look into DuroMax to determine if they pass the ultimate test: are they made in the USA?

Verdict: Are DuroMax Generators Made in the USA?

No. DuroMax products are built overseas and shipped from distribution centers in California and Tennessee. More specifically, they are manufactured in China and Vietnam.

Many companies use this terminology as a cop-out, stating their products are designed in the US, although they aren’t manufactured here. But US innovations leeching overseas is a major issue for our tech industry.

The important part of our question is answered…DuroMax generators are not built in the USA, but now let’s find out where they are built. A DuroMax representative (notated by the verified “Manufacturer” badge on Amazon) answered the question here:

But we also want to hear it for ourselves straight from the brand. So, we reached out to customer support. Here is the response we received:

So, there we have it. DuroMax products are “mass-produced” in China and Vietnam. We know that the origin of manufacturing isn’t always an indication of product quality.

Although their products are made overseas, DuroMax stands by their quality. According to the owner, David Raskin, they are the only brand in the business to use “all copper windings in our Gen sets, all metal construction in our farms, and the most multi-fuel option models to ensure every DuroMax generator can deliver reliable power for years.” On top of that, each product comes with a 5-year warranty.

DuroMax certainly values their customers and stands behind its product. We just wish it was made in the USA.

Popular American Made DuroMax Generators

  • None that we found

Popular DuroMax Generator & Other Products Not Made in the USA

  • 13,000 Watt Dual Fuel Portable HX Generator w/ CO Alert
  • 4,500 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator w/ CO Alert
  • 208cc 158-Gpm 2-inch Gasoline Engine Portable Water Pump

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