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Lingerie is highly versatile, and unfortunately, it’s not so easy to pick out. It comes in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and styles, that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what the good stuff is, and what you should stay away from. That’s why we decided to take the time to fully research all of the women’s lingerie made in the USA. We also published a guide to finding men’s underwear in the USA, so be sure to check that out as well!

Complete List of Women’s Lingerie Brands Made in the USA

Hanky Panky

Headquarters: New York City, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Hanky Panky is a premium lingerie brand based in New York City known for its high-end fitted products. While they produce a wide range of products including lingerie and sleepwear, they are particularly known for their buttery-soft thongs. While not all of their products are made in the USA, look specifically for their cotton and signature lace materials, which are knitted, dyed, and finished in the USA.


Headquarters: Bozeman, MT

States manufacturing in: MT

While not lingerie per se, Duckworth makes women’s briefs that are super comfortable and moisture-wicking. They are made from 50% polyester and 38% Merino wool, all sourced from U.S. suppliers.

Only Hearts

Headquarters: New York City, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Only Hearts ethically manufactures all their lingerie with local, deadstock, organic, recycled, and certified made in green textiles. They have a wide range of lingerie products for women, including bras, undies, slips, and bodysuits. However, be aware that not all of their products are made in the USA.


Headquarters: Astoria, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Rago Shapewear is committed to making quality products that won’t fall apart after a single wash. They make their products in the USA to ensure durability and comfort, and they ensure all their shapewear is breathable. You can choose from a huge range of shapewear options, as well as bras and panties.

Between the Sheets

Headquarters: New York City, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Between the Sheets designs and manufactures their lingerie in the USA from start to finish. They make sure to create their products with care and perfection, looking at every detail of the process. There are various colors and designs of lingerie to choose from to help you feel your best. Besides lingerie, Between the Sheets also designs loungewear and sleepwear.

How to Find Women’s Lingerie Made in the USA

Our goal is to equip you with knowledge to make informed decisions while buying women’s underwear and lingerie, outside of just providing you with a comprehensive list of lingerie made in the United States. Here, we examine the market in more detail, looking at issues like labeling, material sourcing, and how to locate great American made lingerie manufacturers. Let’s explore the nuances of the “made in the USA” label and discover how to successfully navigate this industry.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

Before we dive into the tips and tricks to finding USA-made women’s lingerie, let’s define what it means for a product to be “made in the USA.” According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), it means the product must be “all or virtually all” made in the United States. This means everything from the materials used to the assembly of the product must take place and be based in the United States.

To learn more about this topic, check out our “made in the USA” labeling guide.


The first step to finding women’s lingerie made in the USA is looking at the materials used to create the product. Understanding where these materials usually come from and knowing whether or not these materials are produced in the United States can play a huge part in helping you find US-made lingerie.

Lingerie tends to be made of silk, cotton, polyester, and nylon.


Silk is a popular material used in women’s lingerie, as it is a beautifully soft material that can also be used to craft decorative fabrics, such as lace.

Unfortunately, the United States does not produce much silk, as it is, in fact, one of the largest importers of this material. Most of the silk you see in the country will come from major silk-manufacturing countries like China, India, and Uzbekistan. While there are a couple of silk manufacturers in the United States, they are pretty rare, so when looking for silk lingerie made in the USA, definitely double-check the country of origin.


When looking for US-made lingerie, you’ll have better luck with cotton. Cotton is another popular used in lingerie as it is comfortable and versatile.

Although the United States is not the biggest cotton producer in the world, it comes in third, so finding cotton grown and produced in the USA should not be overly difficult. Cotton is a 21 billion dollar industry in the United States, meaning finding cotton lingerie made in the USA should be relatively easy – especially compared to other materials like silk! However, since other countries like China and India produce a large amount of cotton, it’s always worth double-checking the country of origin of the cotton used in the lingerie you are looking at to be sure you are looking at a true American product.

Polyester and Nylon

In addition to natural materials like silk and cotton, synthetic materials like polyester and nylon are commonly used in women’s lingerie. Decorative fabrics like chiffon and charmeuse are often made with polyester or nylon.

Polyester and nylon are produced mainly in Asia, but both materials are also extensively produced in the United States. The USA produces around 1.4 million tons of polyester and 2.4 million tons of nylon each year.


The second step to finding women’s lingerie made in the USA is to look at the label.

The Textile Fiber Products Identification Act is designed to assist consumers in determining whether or not a textile product is manufactured in the USA. This law mandates that all companies must disclose the fiber contents of their textile products, making it easier for consumers to determine the country of origin for the product. Clothing tags will indicate whether baby clothes are made of 100% cotton or 80% polyester and 20% cotton, for example, and the country of origin for the product must also be visible on the label. Furthermore, according to Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the US Code, all imported products must be labeled with their country of origin.

These two laws make it easier to find women’s lingerie made in the USA, with the FTC-protected “made in the USA” label being the most reliable indicator. However, the FTC does not police the usage of this label as well as it should, as companies self-determine whether their product meets the requirements to use it.

Moreover, you should pay attention to the vocabulary used on labels. For example, words such as “manufactured” or “designed” can suggest that a product is made in the USA, but they may only indicate that only a part of the manufacturing process occurs in the States. Similarly, labels like “made in America” can be misleading because the product could have been made in Canada or Mexico.

Finally, consumers should not rely solely on the American flag sticker on a label to determine a product’s origin, as the usage of the flag on product tags is not protected or regulated.

Other Tips

Here are some other helpful tips when looking for women’s lingerie made in the USA.

Check the Website

The company’s website is a great way to check if the lingerie is made in the USA. Specifically, check out the company’s “About Us” or the product page. If the lingerie is truly made in the USA, you should find this fact loudly advertised on its website, as it is a huge selling point. 

But if the product is made abroad, you may not see any mention of the country of origin on the website at all. Legally, companies aren’t required to disclose this information online or in promotional materials. So, if you can’t find any indication of where it’s made, chances are, it’s probably not made in the USA.

Call the Company

If you’re still not sure where a particular women’s lingerie is made, simply call the company and ask.

If all else fails, simply give the company a call and ask. A customer service representative should be able to help you answer your queries.

Women’s Lingerie Not Made in the USA

We’ve found several big women’s lingerie brands that are not making their lingerie in the USA when doing our research. We’ll keep updating this list when we find out more.

  • Cosabella – Made in Italy.
  • Agent Provocateur – Made in the UK, Asia, Europe, and North Africa.
  • ThirdLove – Made in China, Vietnam, and Cambodia.
  • Savage x Fenty – “Imported” – we’ll work on finding out where.
  • For Love and Lemons – Made in China.
  • La Perla – Mostly manufactures in Italy, but also in Europe, Portugal, and Asia.
  • Victoria’s Secret – Primarily made in Vietnam, China, and other countries.

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