Where Is Victoria’s Secret Made?

The billion-dollar lingerie company with over 1,300 stores in over 70 countries is far from secret. In the US alone, there are over 800 stores. Indeed, Victoria’s Secret has slinked its way into outlet malls across the country…and the world. 

It all started in 1977 when the brand was established by husband and wife duo Roy & Gaye Raymond. However, it wasn’t long before the brand sold to billionaire Leslie Wexner, who ramped up the growth and made Victoria’s Secret the top lingerie retailer in America. In 2008, the brand opened its first international store.

However, Wexner was outed as CEO in 2021 for risqué business conduct. To find out more about this drama, there is a revealing documentary on Netflix called Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons. The current CEO is Martin Waters.

Today, the company is based out of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and remains a top-performing company in the US and globally. They’ve traveled long, often shady roads and still maintain profitable years. Read on to find out where that road originates from.

Verdict: Is Victoria’s Secret Made in the USA?

No, most Victoria’s Secret clothing is not made in the USA. Most of their clothing is made in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Victoria’s Secret sources products from all over the world, including a few from the United States. However, details about US products are incredibly vague. 

Straight from the company website:

Here’s an example of that supply chain map below. This is the document’s first page; all entries are from Vietnam. The company mentions its top suppliers, with Vietnam being the front of the line.


In fact, Vietnam factories account for their top 18 sources, followed by Thailand and then Sri Lanka. The document linked above includes five pages of suppliers and is categorized as partners from their Tier 1 supply chain. The United States is not listed on the Tier 1 document. Victoria’s Secret has not publicly shared its Tier 2 list.

To narrow down any items they offer that are made in the USA, we reached out to customer support. Here is that conversation:

Considering their thorough supplier list, we thought finding Made in USA products on their website would be easy. However, it seems the company isn’t prioritizing that filter, despite claiming that the US is among their top suppliers. After all, if they know how many of a specific factory’s workers are male or female, shouldn’t they be able to find out which of their products are made in America?

Here is the customer service representative’s response:

According to this employee, the company is working on creating a list of their USA made products. But…they don’t have it yet. We might suggest that they remove “United States” from their sentence, claiming it is among the vast majority of their suppliers. It’s quite deceiving. 

All the products we checked on the website had an “imported” label under the product details. A website search for “Made in USA” yielded no accurate results. 

Following information from Smooth Lightly Lined Demi Bra:

Victoria’s Secret has long been a company of criticism and controversy. It seems that in recent years, they are acting to right some of those ships and are apparently “working” on others, like transparency. It should also be remembered that the company has been, and still is, run by an old man. Which, for most of its customer base (young women), might be considered rather creepy. 

If you decide to shop from Victoria’s Secret, there is no guarantee that your purchase has been made in the US, despite the company’s claims of top-tier supply locations. 

Popular American Made Victoria’s Secret Clothing

  • Potentially some products, but it is impossible to say based on the company’s lack of information.

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