Men’s Underwear Made in the USA

While few of us give it any real thought, underwear is one of the most important purchase decisions that you can make. That’s why we decided to track down all of the men’s underwear made in the USA. Below, you’ll find our full list, tons of additional details about each one, and the factors we considered in our research.

Full List of Men’s Underwear Made in the USA

Blade and Blue

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Blade + Blue is incredibly dedicated to making its products in the USA (San Francisco, specifically). We spoke with the owner Peter Papas about what he loves most about making his products in the U.S.: “I choose to make products in the USA because it is very important for me to have a personal relationship with the people who are making products for Blade + Blue…I think the most important aspect is that we look out for each other. We can easily voice concerns, make sure both parties are treated fairly & there is a deeper sense of care that I can see in the finished product.”

Most boxers are saggy, but the Blade + Blue Boxer Shorts offer a slim and sleek fit that’s anything but typical with boxers. This product is made to hug right against your body but still allow you to move around freely. The boxer shorts are made of a mix of cotton and lycra, ensuring that they are breathable, but also making them flexible. They come in several different colors and are sized for an exact fit. They feature a dual button closure that gives you a slightly more customizable fit when putting them on. It’s worth noting that those with larger thigh muscles and a thin waist may have trouble getting them to fit properly.

Flint and Tinder

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

States manufacturing in: CAGASC

The Heritage boxer briefs from Flint and Tinder are crafted to be supremely comfortable thanks to their brushed cotton construction. The boxer briefs are pre-shrunk to ensure a snug fit and they are made almost entirely out of cotton for better breathability. Each of the Heritage boxer briefs from Flint and Tinder is made in Southern California, and they are designed for a comfortable fit. They are available in sizes ranging from small to XXL and should fit most.


Headquarters: Rancho Dominguez, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Made in Rancho Dominguez, California, BGreen Organic Cotton Briefs are designed to maximize comfort during wear. They’re made from organic cotton jersey material and designed with a tagless label for maximum comfort. These heavily stitched briefs are crafted to be durable, but silky smooth at the same time. They are available in sizes ranging from small to XL and in Black and Wood color finishes. The whole manufacturing process for BGreen Organic Cotton Briefs occurs in a family-owned factory in the United States. These briefs are also made from certified organic cotton and a special process is used to limit the energy and water used during the creation of these undergarments.


Headquarters: Las Vegas, NV

States manufacturing in: NV

For performance use, the RibbedTee G3 Men’s Boxer Brief is made from a cooler material than cotton, but still wicks moisture away and offers a comfortable fit for long-term use. They are made from a mix of nylon and synthetic materials and have the right level of stretch for a snug form-fitting hold. They feature a pouch for added comfort up front and are designed with a low-profile waistband that has better stretch for a good hold. These boxer briefs are also tag-free and offer real odor resistance. You’ll smell better and feel better with these on compared to more traditional boxer briefs. RibbedTee also educates you about their products, which is something they say that their customers love about them most. We spoke with the RibbedTee Founder, Mike Schwarz, on why he chooses to manufacture in the USA: “We’re committed to building long-term partnerships with our local Los Angeles-based manufacturing partners, who are in many cases family-run boutique businesses themselves. As we grow, they grow.”

Union House

Headquarters: Wyoming, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

These Union House traditional briefs are quality briefs produced by union members. These briefs are made with a 50/50 blend of cotton and synthetic fabrics. These briefs are made to hold their shape over time and offer a sleek performance without too much sag. They are plain and simple and designed for utility and strength. Union House is well-known for its durability, and these underwear are built to last over time. They are available in a wide range of sizes from small up to XXXXL and should fit most men well. These briefs can be had in black, gray, or white colors for even more variety.

Ramblers Way

Headquarters: Walpole, MA

States manufacturing in: COMAMTNVTXWY

When the days grow colder, and you want to cut the chill, Ramblers Way Wool Long Johns are designed to maximize warmth without sacrificing comfort. They’re composed of Rambouillet Merino wool that’s woven in parallel for maximum comfort and strength. These long johns are designed to fit snugly in place all day and feel lightweight whilst offering some added warmth. These long johns are machine washable and dryable and easy to maintain. They also naturally resist odors, making them more pleasant to wear over time. They are costly but could be a good investment for warmth during cold months in northern climates.


Headquarters: Bozeman, MT

States manufacturing in: MT

Duckworth makes one pair of men’s briefs that they call “Vapor,” made from 38% Montana-sourced Merino wool, 50% American-sourced polyester, and 12% modal.

J. Press

Headquarters: New Haven, CT

States manufacturing in: CT

J. Press has a few pairs of boxers for sale that are made in the USA. Their styles are more traditional, like oxford white or powder blue boxers. Note – not everything that J. Press produces is made in the USA, but this underwear is.

WSI Sportswear

Headquarters: Eagan, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

WSI Sportswear has a bunch of great high-performance briefs for active individuals. If you like the compression feel and need moisture-wicking properties, definitely check these out.

Factors To Consider


Underwear, just like t-shirts or any other article of clothing, sees a lot of wear. Each time that you twist and turn you will be flexing and bunching up the material. Good men’s underwear should be made from a durable material that’s going to hold up well over time and won’t tear. We prefer cotton blended with spandex or other synthetic fibers, but you must also pay close attention to the stitching at the seams. Heavily stitched underwear holds up better over time. The best underwear doesn’t suffer from much piling after washing. Always pay attention to wash and dry directions for your underwear before caring for them to make them last as long as possible.


Your underwear comes in contact with some of the most delicate parts of your body, so they should be comfortable. Underwear that’s made from soft materials like cotton or silk will feel best against your sensitive areas. We prefer cotton in this section as well for its soft feel while remaining durable and breathable, but some synthetic fabrics and fibers work well too.


While you might not be showing off your underwear all the time (unlike your socks), chances are good that you still want them to look their best. Look for a nice snug fit that will conform to your body well. Make sure that you like the look of your underwear though, otherwise, you won’t want to wear it as much.


Good underwear is highly breathable, which will help you remain comfortable during use. Synthetic fabrics like silk tend to trap moisture, which can lead to discomfort and bad smells over time. Highly breathable material like cotton is best to help you remain comfortable over time.

Size Selection

All of the American made brands above offer a good range of sizes to pick and choose from. Different men have different body shapes, and what fits you well might not fit your friend the same. Choosing underwear that’s going to fit your body as perfectly as possible will ensure enhanced comfort, which is why you should value size selection.


Even top-quality underwear can’t be too expensive or you’ll never want to purchase it. Look at the value offered by the underwear when choosing to make sure you’re getting the best underwear for your money. Shopping for your spouse? Make sure to check out our full list of American-made women’s lingerie as well.