Kitchen Towels Made in the USA

Several kitchen towels are made in the USA from 100% USA-sourced materials, so you have lots to choose from. Below, you’ll find our complete list of kitchen towels made in America, along with extensive details about each product. You can also scroll to the bottom of the article to find some well-known brands that aren’t made in the USA as well.

Complete List of Kitchen Towel Brands Made in the USA

Country Cottons

Headquarters: Locust, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Country Cottons kitchen towels are made in North Carolina out of US-sourced cotton. A bundle of two towels only costs $10-$11. These are great old-fashioned dishcloths that can be a staple in any kitchen. They have a lot of colors to choose from and can even bundle multiple colors together in your order.

These 24” x 15” towels are absorbent and hold up even after multiple washings, making them a good value for the money. They also don’t leave lint on your dishes. These dishcloths from Country Cottons may be basic, but they’re reliable.

Red Land Cotton

Headquarters: Moulton, AL

States manufacturing in: AL

Red Land Cotton takes the leftovers from its high-quality Alabama cotton woven in South Carolina and uses them to make scrap fabric tea towels. Designs for the Southern Tea Towels are printed in Moulton, Alabama.

These towels are available in two different designs, each with a common Southern phrase. One says, “Gimme some sugar,” while the other says, “Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit.”

The Southern Tea Towels are soft, durable, and absorbent. They also wash well. In addition, at 27.5” x 20”, they are the largest Made in the USA kitchen towels we could find.

These towels make great gifts because of their quality and their funny sayings. They are pricey, but if you are from the South or plan to give them to someone from there, they are the ideal choice. Heck, you might like them even if you aren’t a Southerner!

The Southern Tea Towels. are currently sold out, but if you leave your email on the Red Land Cotton website, you will be notified when they are back in stock.

Amish Baskets and Beyond

Headquarters: Elyria, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Amish Baskets and Beyond Handmade Amish Dish Towels are made in Elyria, Ohio, with all materials sourced from the USA.

These towels, which measure 17” x 10”, have a crochet top button closure, so you will never again have to worry about your towels slipping off from wherever they are hanging and landing on the floor. They can be hung from your refrigerator, oven door, or any hook or knob in your kitchen.

They currently come in three designs: “Summer Time,” “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy,” and, especially for Easter, “Let’s Get Egg-Cited.”


Headquarters: Chaska, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Lifekind Certified Organic Cotton Kitchen Towels are made in Yuba City, California, from all USA-sourced materials.

These towels are absorbent, attractive, and durable. At 25” x 17”, they are a bit larger than your average kitchen towel. They also wash well.

The color-grown cotton used for these kitchen towels is cruelty-free. This type of cotton is exceptionally soft, and the color won’t fade as quickly as material that has to be dyed. Color-grown cotton is also better for the environment because strong chemicals aren’t needed to grow or dye them.

Lifekind is considerably higher priced than many kitchen towels we found, but if you are truly committed to sustainability and buying organic products whenever possible, this is the choice for you.

American Home USA

Headquarters: Sonoma, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

American Home USA makes some great 100% cotton kitchen towels and dish towels. You can choose from a variety of colors.


Headquarters: Kidron, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Lehman’s is a big name in retail and has some kitchen towels available in their online store that are American made.


Headquarters: Sterling, MA

States manufacturing in: MA

Loomination kitchen towels are beautifully woven by hand and available in some amazing prints. Check out their Everyday Tea Towels for some popular options.


Headquarters: Austin, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

OHSAY USA sells a wide variety of American made goods, including kitchen towels and lots of other supplies for around the kitchen and home.

Coast & Cotton

Headquarters: Auburn, AL

States manufacturing in: AL

Coast & Cotton is a small hand towel manufacturer based in Auburn, Alabama. They have a lot of fun, decorative hand towels for the kitchen, and all the cotton they use is 100% locally sourced and processed.

How to Find Kitchen Towels Made in the USA

In a time when so many of the products we consume are made overseas, it’s comforting to know that quality kitchen towels are still being made in the USA. Whether looking for a decorative accent or an everyday utility, finding kitchen towels made in the USA is easier than ever. This guide will give you the tips and resources you need to make shopping for American made kitchen towels a breeze.

What Does “Made In The USA” Mean?

Before shopping for kitchen towels made in the USA, it’s helpful to understand what it means for something to be “made in the USA.” According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the label applies to products that are “all or virtually all” made in the United States. This includes materials, processing, labor, and other significant components of the product.

When you see “Made In The USA” on a product, you can trust that it was wholly made in the US. For a kitchen towel, that means the fabric, dyeing, printing (if applicable), and manufacturing were all done in the US.

For more information on this topic, check out our detailed summary of the FTC’s guidelines.


When looking for kitchen towels made in the USA, it’s important to understand what materials are used and where they come from. The most common fabrics for kitchen towels are cotton and linen.


The USA is one of the world’s largest cotton producers, falling just behind China and India. In fact, the cotton industry in the USA is worth 21 billion dollars – definitely not an insignificant amount! Thankfully, a lot of the cotton used in American-made kitchen towels is sourced from farms within the United States. But with that said, companies looking to cut costs may still purchase cotton from abroad. So, it’s definitely worth double-checking the country of origin before purchasing your kitchen towels.


Linen is another popular fabric used to make kitchen towels. This fabric is made from the flax plant and must be grown, harvested, and spun in the US to qualify as American-made. As with most other raw materials, China is the biggest producer of linen, but Europe produces a significant amount of linen too. Conversely, the USA is not a huge producer of this material, so you’ll have a harder time finding a true American-made linen kitchen towel as opposed to cotton.


When shopping for kitchen towels made in the USA, a couple of laws help us determine which products are made domestically or abroad. The first of these laws is the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act. According to this act, all products with fiber content (like kitchen towels) must identify the following in the product’s labeling:

  1. Standardized language for the fiber material used.
  2. Percentage of the material utilized in the production. This is why you’ll often see fiber products stating the product is made of 100% cotton or 20% cotton and 80% polyester, for example.
  3. The country of origin.

The second law is the US Code Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304, which states that all products made abroad must be labeled as such. When looking for American-made kitchen towels, you should look specifically for the “made in the USA” label.

Pay close attention to the language used in the label, as some companies may try to use similar verbiage to imply their product is made in the USA when it is not. Examples of this include:

  • Made in America: America can refer to either Mexico or Canada.
  • Manufactured/Assembled/Designed in the USA: Only a portion of the entire manufacturing process could take place in the United States.
  • Made in the USA with imported materials: Since the product is made with imported materials, it is not 100% made in the USA.

Beware of patriotic labeling, too. Many companies use American flags and other patriotic imagery to give the impression their product is made in the USA when that is not necessarily the case.

It is also important to note that FTC cannot effectively regulate the “made in the USA” label. There is no pre-approval process for this label, so it’s up to the companies to determine whether or not their products meet the criteria. So, be a savvy shopper and do your due diligence to ensure you get an authentic American-made product.

Other Tips

On top of researching the materials and looking out for labels, there are a few other tips to find kitchen towels made in the USA.

Check the Company’s Website

One way to ensure that you get an American-made product is to check the company’s website. Look for information about where their products are made, as well as any certifications or awards they have received. Check their About Us and Frequently Asked Questions pages for more information. “Made in the USA” is a huge selling point, so if this is the case, you should see this advertised on their website.

If you can’t find any information regarding the country of origin, it’s likely the product is made abroad. Keep in mind that companies are not required to state the country of origin on their online or promotional materials, so silence says a lot.

Shop Local

Wherever possible, shop at local stores or small businesses for kitchen towels made in the USA. Not only will you help support American-made products, but you’ll also be supporting your local economy, and you may even be able to find unique products not carried by big-box stores. Plus, these local stores may have better knowledge regarding the products they stock, and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction in finding US-made kitchen towels.

Call the Manufacturer

If all else fails, call the manufacturer or retailer directly and ask them about their kitchen towels. Most companies are happy to answer any questions you may have and can provide more insight into the product’s origin.

Kitchen Towels Not Made in the USA

  • Williams Sonoma – Made in Turkey.
  • Crate and Barrel – Made in India, Portugal, and other overseas locations.
  • The Company Store – Made in Portugal.
  • Vermont Country Store – Imported.
  • Cultivate Hawaii – Manufactured in India and designed and screen printed in Hawaii.
  • Mary’s Kitchen Flour Sack Towels – Made in India and printed in California.
  • Rough Linen – Sewn in California. The flax is grown and woven in Europe.
  • Zazzle – Designs printed in the USA on imported towels.
  • The Source Collection’s Bees Kitchen Towel – Made in Asheville, North Carolina, with cotton from India.
  • June December – Made in the USA with imported cotton.
  • Needs to Note – Made in the USA with imported cotton.

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