Slingshots Made in the USA

A slingshot is a great asset to have whether you’re out hunting in the field, on a camping trip, or just hanging around in the yard. We set out to find all the slingshots made in America, and coming out of our research; we found three brands. Our research and some tips on finding the country of origin are below.

Full List of Slingshot Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Woodfin, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Founded in 2012, SimpleShot is headquartered in North Carolina and is producing some of the best slingshots on the market today. Their slingshots are constructed with flat bands. Nathan Masters of SimpleShot commented, “Flat bands are inherently a lighter pull but generate higher velocity…you experience a lighter pull but equivalent, if not better, performance than the tubular models.”


Headquarters: Boulder, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

Trumark is one of the staples in the slingshot industry, and for good reason. They make really high quality slingshots out of their facility in Boulder, Colorado. The Trumark slingshots even come with a “secret” valve at the bottom where you can easily store ammo. If you’re looking for an affordable and effective slingshot, Trumark is a great option.

Montie Gear

Headquarters: Sanford, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

This is one of the more unique slingshots on the market if you really want to customize your slingshot and make it your own. Montie Gear is out of Morrisville, North Carolina, and they sure know what they are doing. You can choose from 10 different paracord color options and have the option of getting thumbscrews as well so you don’t need a tool to change bands. Montie Gear also gives you an uncoated aluminum frame so you can paint it any colors that you’d like!

Factors To Consider

Durability and Strength

Durability comes in a variety of different ways when you’re looking for a new slingshot. You need to be able to rely on strength and longevity of:

  • Frame
  • Elastic bands
  • Shooting pouch
  • Grip and brace

Take all of these factors into consideration when looking for the right slingshots. The frame needs to hold together well and be fairly resistant to the elements so that rust doesn’t develop. The elastic bands need to be able to last so they don’t crack or tear after just a few uses. The same goes for the shooting pouch (typically, leather is the best option). And the handle and brace need to be able to function for a long time as well, without tearing or losing their grip.

Stability and Accuracy

Good stability and accuracy are very important in pretty much all hand-operated weapons, including slingshots. Since you’re relying on your own strength and hand stability to pull back the band, hold the grip, and release your shot, having a slingshot that is constructed well to minimize all that movement is extremely helpful. Look for slingshots with wrist guards or other mechanisms to help with stability. The type of band on your slingshot also comes into play with stability and accuracy. Unlike archery, a heavier pull does not always make for a better and faster shooting experience. Flat bands are typically lighter and can generate a higher velocity shot than tubular models.


You’re going to be in the outdoors pretty much every time you use your slingshot (we hope), which means you’ll have all sorts of natural elements coming into effect: rain, humidity, cold, or whatever else. Look for solid grips that can withstand those elements and be reliable in any situation.


Don’t consider any hunting slingshots that aren’t high quality enough for the price the manufacturer is charging.

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