Sleeping Bags Made in the USA

Searching for a new bed for your next camping trip? We did the research to find all of the sleeping bags made in the USA today. Below is our full list, along with a ton of details about each one.

Full List of Sleeping Bag Brands Made in the USA

Western Mountaineering

Headquarters: San Jose, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

The Western Mountaineering Puma MF sleeping bag has near legendary status amongst cold-weather hikers. It’s designed for maximum warmth and is rated down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit to provide warmth in even extreme sleeping environments. This sleeping bag offers a 9.5” down goose insulation loft. It relies on two layers of interlocking channels to hold the down in position and has a side baffle for enhanced down control as well. This bag is offered in the Mummy configuration and offers a top hood to help keep your head warm during use. The whole bag relies on a lightweight MicroLite XP fabric that’s breathable and waterproof at the same time. The whole product weighs less than 4 lbs and can be carried comfortably while hiking.

Feathered Friends

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

States manufacturing in: WA

Feathered Friends is a tough American brand that’s known for producing long-lasting sleeping bags. The Snowbunting EX 0 bag is made to be a durable but lightweight product that will keep you toasty in cold temperatures. This sleeping bag comes stuffed with a high-quality 900+ Goose down material that maintains its loft nicely after several uses. The bag is designed in the standard mummy shape and features a wrap-around hood for added warmth for your head. The bag is made from tough Pertex material and uses a mix of 15 denier and 40 denier rip-stop fabric for strength while keeping weight down. This bag weighs less than 3 lbs whether you get the standard or long variation. It comes with a convenient stuff sack and a storage bag, making it well suited as a hiking companion in cold weather conditions. This sleeping bag is costly, but it’s built to last and work well in most extreme conditions, making it a handy asset for mountain camping and expeditions.

Enlightened Equipment

Headquarters: Winona, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Hikers looking to customize a sleeping bag to meet their sleeping conditions exactly will have a number of options available with the Enlightened Equipment Covert Custom bag. There are many different size options to choose from when designing this sleeping bag from the ground up. Choose from five different lengths and four different widths for a body fit for nearly everyone. You can also choose from 19 different exterior colors and 12 interior colors for exactly the look you want.

“We offer 63,840 different possible combinations for our Convert alone,” says Tim Marshall, founder of Enlightened Equipment, who we had the pleasure of hearing from this week! Tim also mentioned that manufacturing locally is core to their product offering: “Manufacturing in the USA is the only way we can offer this wide variety custom products. This enables our manufacturing to be nimble and quickly adapt to changes.” This sleeping bag also utilizes 850 or 950 down insulation material and it can be customized for between 50 degrees and -10 degrees Fahrenheit depending on your sleeping conditions. If you’re particular about your sleeping bag specifications, Enlightened Equipment could have the solution for you.


Headquarters: Grand Junction, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

Wiggy’s mission is to sell affordable sleeping bags that will still hold up well over time. These bags are lined with unique Lamilite insulation that’s been shown to maintain its loft even better than traditional down insulation does. These sleeping bags are rated at different temperatures from as high as 50 degrees Fahrenheit down to subzero temperatures. They are available in many different sizes, colors, and types. There are low-cost options available too, especially for closeout sleeping bags from Wiggy’s.


Headquarters: Wellington, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

Warmlite makes quality USA-made tents and sleeping bags too. The Down Filled Sleeping Bag Tri-Layer -60F has three overlapping temperature ranges and can go from -60 degrees F to +60 degrees F. This sleeping bag also includes an optional net if you’re camping in an area prone to insects so you can stay protected. There is 850 goose down in every layer to keep you warm and it also has full-zip capability and a down-filled hood to keep you warm at night. This sleeping bag is made for those camping in a wide variety of environments throughout the year.


Headquarters: Ashville, AL

States manufacturing in: AL

Not a sleeping bag, but GO-KOT is 100% veteran owned and operated, and handmade in the USA. Their camping cots are built to be super tough and a comfortable, easy-to-carry option for camping trips (it weighs 9 lbs.). The cot is made from CORDURA Brand 1000D Nylon, which is a material that is known for being super durable and wicks moisture pretty well. The hinges are nearly indestructible too – they hold up to 350 pounds. GO-KOT comes in 8 different colors and regular and long sizes for taller sleepers, so you should be able to find an option that is a good fit for you.

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Factors To Consider


The most important consideration by far when choosing a sleeping bag is the insulation it comes with. Look closely at the insulation for a few different things. Look to see how well the bags maintain their loft through long-term use as well as the total loft offered for the temperature rating. Also, look at how chambers are used to keep the insulation uniformly positioned during use. By looking at loft tests, you can determine just how well that insulation is going to keep you warm, and how long the insulation is going to continue doing its job properly after purchase.

Inner and Outer Shell

A good sleeping bag prevents moisture from reaching the insulation and affecting its performance in any way. Look closely at the shell material used on the bag to verify that it’s moisture-resistant and rip-resistant as well. Research each bag to make sure it holds up in rough conditions and performed well against a rip test on the inner and outer material, and a moisture test to see just how well each bag is going to keep you dry and protected during use.


Make sure the sleeping bag is easy to carry in your backpack alongside all the other stuff there, like your tent and food. However, don’t lean on this factor too much because a bag that is too light may not provide adequate insulation. A good sleeping bag shouldn’t weigh any more than 5 lbs. to be comfortable to carry around. It should also be able to compress really easily so you can optimize space in your pack.


Price is one of the last things to look at, but after verifying that a sleeping bag will work effectively to keep you warm and comfortable while sleeping, look at the actual cost of that bag when compared to other similar products. Price is used to help eliminate sleeping bags that are unnecessarily costly, and to help rule out sleeping bags that don’t offer the same quality and feature set as other bags.


It’s important for a sleeping bag to fit well. When evaluating sleeping bags, look at how many different length and width options are offered with each product. The more lengths and widths available, the better fit you can have with your sleeping bag.