Where Are One-A-Day Vitamins Made?

The vast majority of Americans, 86% to be exact, take vitamins or supplements on a regular basis. Ranked as the second best multivitamin on the market, One-A-Day must be doing well in business. 

The One-A-Day vitamin line was introduced to the market in 1940. At the time, it was owned by Miles Laboratories, which is no longer in operation. Today, it is owned by Bayer, which produces 15 total products under the label of One-A-Day. These include vitamins for men, teens, women, and other specific supplements. 

Bayer is a global company headquartered in Germany. They produce both prescription medications and over-the-counter vitamins and supplements. In addition to human consumption products, Bayer also cooks up fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. 

In 2022, Bayer employed over 100,000 people and generated over $50 billion in revenue. Let’s focus on their One-A-Day product line and find out where these products are manufactured. 

Verdict: Are One-A-Day Vitamins Made in the USA?

Yes and No. One-A-Day manufactures its products in the USA, Germany, and other countries like Switzerland and Spain.

According to the FDA, supplement companies must provide the contact information for the manufacturer/distributor on the label. Additionally, if the product is made outside of the United States, the name of the country must be on the label. 

The rules are simple, but we wanted to touch base with the One A Day brand directly. So, we jumped into a Live Chat with the One-A-Day customer service team to ask where their vitamins are made. After asking the general, “Where are your vitamins made?” the rep asked us to pinpoint a specific product. We rolled with the Women’s formula, and here was their response:


Indeed, the Women’s Gummies are made in Germany, and this is indicated so on the product label:

Pushing a bit further, we asked Pat, the rep, to verify if all the One A Day products either came from the US or Germany. Here’s her response:

Your best bet for determining where One-A-Day Vitamins are made is to check the bottle or box label. Remember, the FDA requires supplement companies to annotate on the label if a product is manufactured outside the US. 

The following information is from the Women’s 50+ Advanced Multivitamin Gummies:

If a product is made in America, you might not see that on the label. For example, the rep we spoke to verified that the Women’s Multivitamins (non-gummies) were made in the USA, and here is what the back of that product box looks like:

In the above image, you can see the Distributor of the product highlighted, but no “Product of [country]” thus indicating that this item was manufactured in the USA. When in doubt, you’ve got the contact information for the company listed right there. 

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