Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA


JJwinks is a women-owned business looking to revolutionize womenswear by creating clothing that means women can go bra-free. Co-founder best friends found there were only two styles of pajamas – sexy lingerie or unflattering flannels. They also found that most nightwear was unsuitable to wear in front of family and friends – requiring an uncomfortable bra. JJwinks was born out of ‘necessity’ according to the founders, they wanted to create loungewear that meant women could go braless while being flattering, supportive, and comfy at the same time. JJwinks’ pieces are made with Tencel Modal Fabric – a plant-based biodegradable fabric with a low environmental impact that makes buttery soft clothing. Their products are also designed to be tagless, flattering, and give breathable, gentle covering for any bust shape and size. JJwinks is a carbon-neutral business, looking to be as sustainable as possible and donating to environmental projects regularly.

Everything is assembled in downtown Los Angeles, but they do source some materials internationally. All of their fabric comes from various suppliers in the US, Europe, Brazil, Chile, and South Africa.