Freedom No-Pull Harness

Freedom No-Pull Harness

Headquarters: Tuxedo Park, NY

States manufacturing in: NY


The Freedom No-Pull Harness is a unique product because of how it works. This harness has a tensioner that creates tightness around the dog whenever it pulls. This mechanism should help teach a dog not to pull over time.

Jessica MacDonald has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. After working for years in the automotive and aerospace industries, she put her education to work for pets by starting the manufacturing company Wiggles, Wags, & Whiskers in 2002 to create safe, non-toxic pet products.

She went on to design and patent the Freedom No-Pull Harness in 2004 after looking after a friend’s large 150lb dog that was pulling her down the street. With a prong collar, she felt she had no control of the dog, so stitched her own which targeted the dog’s center of gravity, its chest. This invention worked well as a training/communication tool, so Jessica got it patented. 

In 2009, she teamed up with Allen Alagna. His business degree and background in customer relations, public relations, and marketing led them to start the USA Dog Shop, where they sell pet products manufactured in the USA.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness has become one of the most well-respected dog harnesses on the market, with features on Animal Planet shows, Anderson Cooper, and an endorsement by the vet consultant for Good Morning, America in 2012.

Jessica and Allen commit themselves to selling quality American-made pet products and treating customers like family. The physical storefront for the USA Dog & Pet Shop is located in New York. 

Featured Freedom No-Pull Harness Products Made in the USA

Freedom No-Pull Harness: The reason this harness is so great is that it is specifically designed for extremely effective training and to help minimize the effect of pulling. It has three design traits to help aid this. One – the leash loop is at the scruff of the dog’s neck, making it easier to control them. Two – the harness is cushioning and is aimed to help those with anxiety or aggression. When the dog pulls the harness, it slightly lifts it off its feet, minimizing the dog’s strength and power, giving you control. Three – it has a reconfigurable design, allowing you to attach to either the back or front or both simultaneously.  

The Freedom No-Pull Harness is the only product that this company sells, however on their site, they also sell a range of pet products from other brands and manufacturers. This includes tags, leashes, training products, treats, and toys for dogs as well as some items for cats. 

Manufacturing Notes 

Jessica and Allen sell their products under the brand ‘USA Dog & Pet Shop’ which is based in Duck Cedar Plaza, Tuxedo Park, New York, next to Harriman State Park. They specialize in unique pet products manufactured in the USA. 

In addition to American-made products, USA Dog Shop’s dedication to pet health leads them to sell only food and treats that don’t contain corn, soy, wheat, or animal by-products. All the products are non-toxic, and the chew toys are safe from prolonged chewing without coming apart and becoming a swallowing or choking hazard.

USA Dog & Pet Shop doesn’t sell pets, but they provide dog grooming services and facilitate pet adoptions. They even have a kitty orphanage where they keep cats from local shelters and rescue groups until they can be adopted into loving families.

Though they mention on their website that their products are manufactured in the USA, it’s difficult to find any more information on this. We’ve been unable to find any detail on their manufacturing process or factory, so we’re going to reach out to Freedom No-Pull Harness for an interview to learn more about this. We’ll update this post once we find out more.