American Mug Pottery

American Mug Pottery

Headquarters: East Liverpool, OH

States manufacturing in: OH


For anyone who starts their morning with a cup of coffee or tea, a sturdy mug is a must. Enter American Mug Pottery cups. The company creates a small range of ceramic cups with a few style variations and colors. Their headquarters is in Ohio, and even their packaging is printed locally in Pennsylvania.

The company is a bit old-fashioned and still operates from a factory that harks from the 1900s. According to the founder of American Mug Pottery, Jerry Scarrow, it all started with the creation of the Butter Bay, but production soon expanded to other stoneware products.

Their limited variety of products and homegrown motivation mean they focus on crafting the best pieces possible. Since the batches are small, you know the manufacturer is personally handling each cup throughout the casting, firing, and finishing process.

American Mug Pottery also uses high-quality ceramic and glaze, without the addition of potentially harmful additives like lead and cadmium. The motivation of the founder is to employ Americans, produce exceptional products, and keep customers coming back for more.

Featured American Mug Pottery Made in the USA

Bistro style mugs: American Mug Pottery ceramic cups are heavy-duty and hold their own. With a set of their bistro-style mugs, you get ample insulation for your hot beverages—plus a couple of color options. The design uses the slip-cast method, and each cup is hand-finished and fired by a small crew. Their thicker ceramic walls offer better durability but don’t feel overwhelmingly heavy in your hand. These mugs are also dishwasher and microwave safe (though best practices with stoneware suggest skipping reheating your cup).

Diner-style mugs: If you can’t handle the 14oz capacity that the bistro-style mug offers, then the 11oz diner-style mug might be for you. Short and squat with straight sides, American Mug’s diner-style mugs have a classic look. Like all of their products, they are also lead and cadmium-free. Unlike the bistro mugs, these are only available in ivory, but there’s an option to buy a set of two or four.

Butter dishes: With the popularity of its Butter Bay product, it’s no surprise that American Mug Pottery has a butter dish in its range. The ceramic butter keeper/butter dish is made from high-quality glazed stoneware that will keep your butter fresh for 30 days without refrigeration. The dish holds 1 stick of butter in its lid and you fill the base with cold water to keep it fresh, guaranteeing no odors or spoilage. The butter dish comes in classic white as well as red and yellow to brighten up any kitchen. 

Manufacturing Notes 

Heritage and tradition seem to be at the forefront of American Mug Pottery’s mind and for all of the best reasons. Operating out of their factory built in the early 1900s in East Liverpool, Ohio, all of their products are made by hand. This is evident in the quality of their mugs which are made from the finest materials. 

Plus, the smooth finish means no rough edges to worry about when pouring your cup of joe in the morning. Surprisingly, even though these are small-batch products, the consistency is impressive. You can usually expect some defects with handmade goods, but the ceramic mugs are fairly uniform and don’t have lumps, dips, or unstable bottoms.

American Mug Pottery is also incredibly passionate about supporting American jobs, economy, and supply chain. Their aim is to provide the opportunity for workers to make a fair and reasonable living by creating 100% American-made products. All of their products are proudly marked with ‘Made in the USA’ on the bottom of their products, making you feel even better by purchasing from them. 

Buying an American Mug Pottery product ensures you know you’re getting ceramic goods that are lead and cadmium-free so that they’re safe to use for the whole family. You’re also getting a quality, sturdy mug designed to last a long time, making them an excellent addition to your dishware cabinet.