Silfab Solar Supercharges York County With Job-Filled Investment

Silfab Solar, a leading solar panel manufacturer in North America, is injecting $150 million into York County, signaling a substantial investment that will generate 800 new jobs and bolster the company’s presence in the United States.

This move is backed by the South Carolina Governor’s office and the Coordinating Council for Economic Development – more on that below.

The $150 Million Investment in York County

The $150 million investment in York County by Silfab Solar is expected to create 800 new jobs and boost U.S. solar cell production. Silfab Solar, a leading North American solar panel manufacturer with over 40 years of solar experience, aims to expand its U.S. footprint through this investment.

The company plans to establish operations in a 785,000-square-foot building located at 7149 Logistics Lane in Fort Mill. Operations are expected to be online by the third quarter of 2024. Silfab Solar designs, engineers, and manufactures high-efficiency solar panels at its facilities in Washington and Canada.

The new facility in York County will contribute to the growth of U.S. solar cell production, providing job opportunities and promoting economic growth in the region.

The South Carolina Governor’s office supported the investment, which provided assistance and awarded a $2 million Set-Aside grant to York County for building improvements.

This collaboration between Silfab Solar and the local government demonstrates their commitment to promoting the region’s economic growth and job creation.

Silfab Solar’s Expansion and Impact in the Region

“Silfab Solar’s investment in South Carolina strengthens our North America manufacturing capabilities, creates good-paying jobs and provides the ideal East Coast location to serve our growing customers,” says Silfab Solar CEO Paolo Maccario.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster adds, “Silfab Solar selecting York County for a project that requires a highly skilled workforce shows that our workforce development investments are paying off in a big way.”

Momentum in American Energy Manufacturing

Silfab Solar is just the latest example of great companies investing in solar and energy manufacturing in the U.S. There’s a lot of good momentum around the country that is adding valuable American jobs and supporting local economies – all good things as we continue to support reshoring efforts.

Photo credit: Silfab Solar

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