Where Are Thomas & Thomas Rods Made?

The two legendary rod builders of their time, Tom Dorsey and Tom Maxwell came together to establish Thomas & Thomas in 1969. The success of their collaboration has much to do with their exemplary craftsmanship. Combine that craftsmanship with their expertise during an era of technological change, and you have an evolutionary piece of fishing equipment. This was also a time when fly fishing was growing and changing, as was society and American culture.

Today, Thomas & Thomas is a company revered for its high-end componentry and incredible craftsmanship. Thomas and Thomas’ need for innovation and supreme quality is what attracted the company’s current owner and fly fishing enthusiast, Neville Orsmond. Tom Dorsey and Neville Orsmond share a vision for the company as well as a passion for creating fly fishing rods of superior quality.

Are Thomas & Thomas fishing rods still made in the USA? We dug in to find out. Here is our verdict.

Verdict: Are Thomas & Thomas Fishing Rods Made in the USA?

Yes, Thomas & Thomas fly rods are made in the USA and have been made here since their founding in 1969.

T&T is handmaking all of their fly rods at their factory in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Since they are putting that type of care into every rod, the lead times are a little longer, about 4-6 weeks, but it’s definitely worth it.

There’s really not much else to say about their sourcing and manufacturing process. T&T has incredible attention to detail on every single one of their rods and their dedication to American manufacturing is pretty unwavering. They are also very transparent about their manufacturing on their website, which is a refreshing change vs. a lot of other sports and outdoor gear companies. It’s nice to see companies like them hold up American values every day.

Popular American Made Thomas & Thomas Rods

  • Exocett series – There’s a reason why it’s referred to as the “rod that you will eventually own,” and that’s because of its lightweight feel, and superb accuracy that calls to all saltwater anglers.
  • Zone series – The latest new model from Thomas & Thomas with great performance at a reasonable price.
  • Bluewater series – This offshore saltwater rod is an absolute beast for catching large gamefish.
  • Contact series – A great freshwater rod with accuracy, sensitivity, and strength.
  • Paradigm series – These new rods have U.S. sourced Bird’s Eye Maple spacers and are unmatched for fly presentation.

Popular Thomas & Thomas Rods Not Made in the USA

  • No fly rods that we could find
  • Some of their apparel, branded YETI tumblers, and other accessories are not made here though

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