Where Are Cummins Products Made?

Unless you’re in the power business, you might not have heard of the Cummins brand. But for the auto-philes, engineers, and industrials out there, Cummins has been a big name for nearly 100 years.

In 1919, in Columbus, Indiana, a brand was born by reviving the invention of the diesel engine. Since then, Cummins has greatly expanded to other markets. The company’s five operating segments include Engines, Components, Power Systems, and New Power (like wind energy). They dabble in industrial and customer engine manufacturing, filtration systems, emissions solutions, power generators, and new energy solutions. If it goes “go,” Cummins is probably involved. 

From a little ‘engine company that could’ to Wall Street trading, Cummins has grown exponentially as a business. In 2022, its annual revenue peaked at $28.1 billion. A brand this big can’t rely purely on domestic manufacturing, can it? Find out more below. 

Verdict: Are Cummins Products Made in the USA?

Only some Cummins products are manufactured in the US – they have locations in New York, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Mexico, and Minnesota. Cummins products are made in eight main locations around the world, including the United States.

The corporate office is planted in Indianapolis, Indiana, but manufacturing takes place in many locations, domestically and abroad. 

Here is an excerpt from a company-published article in 2019:


Although the article above only mentions a few locations, according to their investor website, they service over 190 countries. That’s a lot of exporting. The countries for export fall into the divisions of North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, China, Africa, the Middle East, India, Russia, and Latin America.

We found a list of the worldwide locations of Cummins operations:

Here in the USA, there are several manufacturing locations. The Jamestown Engine Plant in New York was opened in 1974 and now employs over 1,700 people. Cummins says it is “the world’s largest heavy-duty diesel engine plant.” In 2018, they celebrated the production of their two millionth engine. 

Other US manufacturing locations include Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Mexico, and Minnesota. As the company is headquartered in Indiana, most of its domestic manufacturing facilities are also there. However, according to Cummins, its Jamestown plant manufactures 14.7% of its total engine production. 

We reached out to Cummins to ask about their specifically made US engines, and here is their reply:

We replied to the above message again, asking if there were any exclusively US-made engines, and the rep advised us to visit a local dealer. 

Fret not; the story doesn’t end here. Scroll back up to the image of the Cummins Worldwide Locations. The column to the right of each location specifies the product line made there. This information can offer a starting point for narrowing down American-made products. From there, you can contact customer support if you have a specific serial number to verify further.  

Popular American Made Cummins Products

  • HPI Fuel Systems
  • ISM Engine
  • ISB

Popular Cummins Products Not Made in the USA

  • Natural Gas Engines
  • B3.9/5.9 Engine
  • Generator Sets

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