Volunteer Knitwear

Volunteer Knitwear

Headquarters: New Tazewell, TN

States manufacturing in: TN


Volunteer Knitwear is an American-made textile manufacturer that you can partner with for manufacturing clothing for your brand or doing one-off bulk orders. Founded in Tennessee three decades ago, the brand started with a humble beginning when its founders unloaded a 5,000-pound knitting machine off the back of a pick-up truck. Today, Volunteer Knitwear is known for its quality knitwear that reflects the rich heritage of American craftsmanship. They currently offer t-shirts, long sleeves, and fleece sweatshirts. Their clothing is perfect if you want to do some DIY screenprinting or build your own brand.

To make a bulk purchase of shirts and other clothing from Volunteer Knitwear, you have to go through a licensed distributor. At AllAmerican.org, we partner with Dan Schneider, a licensed distributor with BSN Sports. Email or call him using the contact info below if you’d like to place a bulk order with Volunteer Knitwear:

Email: dschneider [a] bsnsports.com
Cell: 608-790-1611

Dan can also provide you with product discounts and handle embellishment of your apparel order, too!