Up Country

Up Country

Headquarters: East Providence, RI

States manufacturing in: RI


Up Country has been making collars for almost four decades, all the while producing quality products that make dogs and their owners happy. The company makes all sorts of collars, and in addition to giving you options for the type of collar that works best for you and your dog, they’ve got some pretty stylish choices, too.


That’s probably the most significant selling point for Up Country. The number of designs is kind of staggering. With more than 120 (and counting) designs available, you could put a different collar on your dog every week and still get to the end of a calendar year without repeating anything and without having used all the available choices.

All of Up Country’s products which include collars, leashes, martingale collars, and harnesses allow you to keep your pet on a leash without worrying about them escaping, and they provide a place for the all-important ID tag.

Let’s face it– your dog is a dog, so at some point, they’re going to get themselves lost and into trouble. Knowing that the ID tag is attached to a sturdy product allows for some peace of mind while you hunt for them since you know that neither the collar nor the ID tag is going to fall off of your pooch while they’re on their walkabout.

Featured Up Country Products Made in the USA

Dog collars: What’s not to love about Up Country collars? With the six available sizes– each collar adjustable– and a variety of widths too, you’ll have a tough time finding a dog that doesn’t fit in one of these. They have a handy sizing chart matching a collar to a dog’s breed and also include measurements if you’d rather do it that way. Meaning whether you’ve got a Chihuahua or a big, lumbering St. Bernard, there’s an Up Country collar for you. These United States Coast Guard-approved collars have cast brass hardware, meaning they won’t fail when your dog tries to bolt. 

Dog harnesses: These step-in-style harnesses are a breeze to get on and off your pet thanks to the quick-release buckle. They’re also adjustable in three areas, making sure it perfectly fits your dog’s shape and size. Made from high-tensile strength nylon webbing and sewn-on polyester and nylon ribbons, these harnesses are stain and fray-resistant. 

Dog leashes: Take your dog out in style with an Up Country leash. With over a hundred patterns to choose from which all match the collars and harnesses, you can fully customize your dog leash by choosing the size (4 feet and 6 feet), width, and whether the print is one or double-sided. Made from nylon, these leashes are designed for maximum strength and to last a lifetime. 

Manufacturing Notes

Since starting in 1984 with a mission to create dog collars with some decoration and 6 collar designs available, Up Country has grown significantly in this time. Over 35 years ago, founder Alice Nichols felt like there were only plain nylon or leather leashes on the market, prompting her to found Up Country. Despite protestations that no one wanted a nicely-designed collar for dogs that roll around in the mud, Alice has proved them wrong with a thriving business that now offers over 120 collar designs, dozens of lifestyle accessories, and beautiful home decor products.

However, what hasn’t changed over these three decades is Up Country’s dedication to creating quality products handmade in the USA. All items are hand-sewn, pressed, and finished with care and each order is hand-packed and checked before leaving the factory. 

Their commitment to high-quality products is evident by the high-tensile nylon webbing their products are made out of, the cast brass hardware which isn’t welded for extra strength, and the United States Coast Guard-approved buckles. All designed for maximum strength, durability, and comfort, Up Country products are designed to last a lifetime. 

Up Country’s pride to be ‘Made in the USA’ is evident in its commitment to giving back to its community. They have a list of organizations that they support not only monetarily but also through their products and by raising awareness of important causes. They work closely with their local community in Rhode Island on projects such as the RISPCA Give a Dog a Collar program but also further afield like the Canine Camo Collection which benefits military members. 

If you’re looking for a sturdy collar that reflects the personality of you or your pup and gives back to good causes, then be sure to check out Up Country. With a huge range of designs, sizes, widths, and customization options, you’ll find a quality, durable product that will grab people’s attention.