Ezra Arthur

Ezra Arthur

Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

States manufacturing in: AZ


Ezra Arthur makes some of the highest quality leather wallets on the market today, sourcing their leather from two tanneries in Chicago and St. Louis.

Ezra Arthur is a company owned by four brothers who are working hard to honor their grandfather’s legacy. These family members have decided that anything they produce must be worthy of being sold under this paternal name. From belts to wallets, grooming tools to stationary, all of their products are functional and serve as keepsakes.

This focus on heirloom-quality paternal manufacturing has allowed Ezra Arthur to produce leather products that one can pass down from man to his son and so forth.

They aim to produce fine accessories for a man to cherish. They specialize in belts, wallets, bags, and other male accessories that harken back to a time when manufacturers developed products to be cared for and to last for generations of use. The equipment they use also reflects this timelessness, using machinery from centuries ago to create their products.

They guarantee the leather products for life against manufacturing defects. Their website also offers instructions on cleaning and protecting the products, so they become treasured family possessions.

Because of this, it is worth noting that the price of their products does not come cheap. They are worth their craftsmanship, quality, and durability, but the price alone may dissuade buyers who do not thoroughly research the product and company.

Our Favorite Ezra Arthur Products Made in the USA

Wallets: No matter how you like to carry your wallet, whether it’s a small pouch that just fits bills or a bifold wallet to keep all your cards, notes, and coins, Ezra Arthur has you covered. All are made from top-grade thick leather construction. There are no glue, linings, or filler materials that are common in cheaper products. They use secure stitching to create a long-lasting option. There are multiple subdued color options and the ability to monogram their wallets too. 

Belts: Ezra Arthur offers just two belts as part of its product range. However, customers can pick the leather color, belt buckle finish, width, and size of their belt, so that actually there’s a multitude of options. There’s a huge range of sizes too, from 18″ to 56″, meaning that these belts can accommodate multiple body builds. Customize your belt to your exact preference but still be left with a high-quality scratch-resistant supple leather belt. 

Bags: If you’re looking for a rucksack, tote, or pouch to carry smaller items in that is designed to last a lifetime then check out Ezra Arthur. Enriched with waxes and oil that provide scratch-resistant properties (scratches can be rubbed away with fingers), these stain-resistant and water-resistant bags are designed to be roughed around on everyday commutes, hikes, and being stuffed into overhead lockers. However, they will maintain their durability and suppleness for the lifetime of their use. Also available in several colors with different hardware options. 

Manufacturing Notes

Ezra Arthur’s owners saw centuries-old manufacturing processes diminishing throughout America with the decline in the manufacturing sector over the recent years. Small factories, skilled trades, and first-rate manufacturing methods that were the lifeblood of the American economy were all gone.

This loss of historical manufacturing techniques is something they work to avert. The Ezra Arthur factory operates by using equipment dating over one hundred years to build products to suit the modern consumer. 

This near-ancient machinery has allowed them to learn disappearing methods of manufacturing for designs from present-day engineering processes. The result of this is producing a range of sleek, stylish heirloom-quality leather products built to last. 

Ezra Arthur clearly takes great pride in the products they create and their manufacturing process. Videos on their website show the level of detail and skill that go into handcrafting their items from their Arizona workshop. American flags drape the walls to show their commitment to being American-made.

This is commitment also evident on their product pages. Ezra Arthur claims on its site that they ‘source only the finest American materials’ and they prove this throughout their site by being transparent about the materials used. 

Most pages state the type of leather used and where the leather is sourced – typically from Horween in Chicago. They give plenty of detail about the hardware included and any relevant manufacturing/craftsmanship techniques on the product. Every page proudly states that it’s ‘Made in the USA from their workshop in Phoenix, Arizona’.

Ezra Arthur has a deep commitment to creating American-made products using USA-sourced premium materials. Traditional manufacturing techniques and skilled craftsmen have meant that they’ve created a range of leather products built to last and handed down through generations. 

Though their products are on the pricey side, their commitment, and transparency to creating high-quality USA-made leather items, plus their lifetime guarantee makes them well worth it.