Watches Made in the USA

We did the research to find watches made right here in the USA, looking across a variety of categories from casual to formal and more. Below are our findings along with extensive details on each brand and some tips to help you find the country of origin when you’re shopping.

Full List of Watch Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Detroit, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

Shinola is a relatively new watch factory out of Detroit, MI. They have only been making wristwatches for men and women since 2011, but they have gotten darn good at it over that time period. They use a Swiss movement in the watch; otherwise, it is sourced in the USA.

S&B Watches

Headquarters: Champaign, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

S&B (Smith & Bradley) makes tactical, dive, and casual watches. They are super intense about their product development too. For example, to come up with their SANS-13 Tactical Sport Watch, they interviewed hundreds of members of law enforcement and the armed forces to uncover all of their non-negotiables in a watch. Similar to Shinola, S&B watches have a Swiss movement. Use the code ALLAMERICAN to get 10% off your entire order.

Devon Works

Headquarters: Pasadena, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Devon is a U.S. manufacturer that makes some of the most unique watches on the market, and they don’t even call them watches! The Tread 1D is one of the signature “time belts” that Devon produces, along with many other stylish designs. Rather than having dials run clockwise, Devon uses essentially conveyor belts moving horizontally and vertically across the watch face to display the time. They even have a watch themed after Darth Vader from Star Wars. If you want your watch to stand out in the crowd, this is the “time belt” to do it with – and it will cost you.


Headquarters: Fort Collins, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

The timepieces from Vortic Watches are truly one of a kind. Since they are all handmade, each one has its own unique style to it. Once they are sold, they are gone forever. Check out their American Artisan series of watches for timepieces that use 100% US-sourced components.


Headquarters: New York City, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Martenero launched in 2014 and makes bold, modern watches for men. They release different collections throughout the year and they sell out quickly, so if you are interested in these watches, sign up for their email newsletter to be notified of the next drop.


Headquarters: New York City, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Throne Watches is producing some great watches in America right now, and they are doing it all out of their facilities in New York City. One of the coolest features about Throne watches is what happens when the clock strikes midnight – the 12 at the top of the watch face gets replaced by a 13 for a short period of time. This watch also has a Swiss movement though, so it’s not 100% sourced in the USA.

Factors To Consider


Style is important when you’re considering buying a new watch. Look for watches that are versatile, with the ability to wear them in both casual and more formal settings.

Here are some of the major styles to look at:

  • Diving
  • Dress
  • Aviator
  • Action
  • Minimalist
  • Pocket watches

Functionality & Movement

Functionality is also really important – you need a watch that will work well, is easy to strap on, adjust dials, and simply be hassle-free for your everyday lifestyle. Durability is a big consideration in this category as well.

A big part of the functionality is learning how a watch operates, or the movement. The movement is the engine that powers the ticker of the watch, and there are two variations that are most popular in American watching making – quartz and automatic. The first uses an oscillator powered by a battery and regulated with a piece of quartz to keep time. An automatic movement uses the movements of the wearer’s wrist to power the mainspring of the watch. The quartz variations are typically slightly more accurate than their automatic counterparts, however, the latter is typically considered more “classic” and costs a little bit more.


A watch that isn’t precise in its timekeeping is immensely frustrating. Look for quartz clocks, which have a quartz crystal to help regulate an electronic oscillator, which creates a signal with a very precise frequency and allows your watch to consistently stay on time without lagging behind or jumping ahead. However, the automatic movements have such a classic style, so research some of those as well.


There are a bunch of different types of materials that a watch and its band can be made from – stainless steel, carbon fiber, rubber, gold, leather, and more. For the watch face and components inside it, look for materials that are going to be durable in the long term and also not fade. For the band around your wrist, full grain leather is the best option because it’s durable, stylish, and comfortable.


Value is as important to us as it is to you – we’re consumers too! Choose a watch that you feel has a price tag representative of the quality you’re getting.

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