Where is Rivian Made?

A rising star in the automobile scene, Rivian Automotive Inc., is making waves. Electric waves, that is. As an all-electric car company, the brand currently offers two consumer models: a truck and an SUV. 

Founded in 2009 by Robert “RJ” Scaringe, the company made a few focus shifts before adopting the name Rivian and dialing in exclusively to the electric vehicle market. In 2017, they acquired an old Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Illinois, and took over operations for their own label. 

In 2021, the company went public and was valued at $66.5 billion. Along with their two car models, they also designed an electric vehicle for Amazon delivery trucks, penned the Electric Delivery Van, or “EDV.” Currently, that fleet numbers at 10,000, but previously published plans estimated it could grow to 100,000.

Rivian is headquartered in Irvine, California, and operates facilities across the US, Canada, and in the future, England. So, of these places, where is Rivian manufacturing their vehicles?

Verdict: Where Are Rivian Cars Made?

Rivian cars are made in the USA. There is currently only one manufacturing facility located in Illinois. Yet there are plans to build a second plant, twice as big, in Georgia.

Rivian is still considered a “start-up,” especially when head-to-head with other big auto players like Toyota and Ford. 

However new they may be, Rivian is certainly making strides. A massive deal with Amazon to make electric delivery vans and a huge new manufacturing facility are evidence of that. 

On top of the two current consumer models that Rivian produces, there is also a new vehicle in the works. The R2, which will be a compact e-SUV, is slated to become available in 2026. With the new Georgia factory planned to open in 2024 and begin producing vehicles in 2026, this will likely have a big impact on vehicle availability. 

And availability is something that Rivian has struggled with since going public. At one point, their waitlist was over 78,000 customers long. Expected delivery times kept getting pushed back further, prices bloomed with inflation, and the company had to cut 6% of its staff due to overhead. 

All that to say, it seems like they’re pulling themselves out of the gully now. The new $5 billion factory, expected to offer a whopping 7,500 jobs, will be a historic event for Georgia and Rivian. 

Currently, Rivian is only for sale in North America. However, the grapevine reveals that there is talk of projected availability in the UK in the coming years. This may or may not include the possibility of a manufacturing plant in England as well.

Rivian Manufacturing Plants in the USA

Facility NameLocationAnnual Production CapacityPrimary ModelsNumber of Jobs
The Rivian PlantNormal, Illinois200,000R1T, R1S, EDV7,000+
Georgia FactoryAtlanta, Georgia400,000 (projected)In planning7,500 (projected)

How to Tell Where Your Rivian Car is Made

It won’t take much guesswork to figure out where your Rivian was made…there’s only one manufacturing plant right now! However, you might want to gather more information about your vehicle. In that case, you can refer to the Vehicle Identification Number, or the VIN. On your Rivian vehicle, that will be located on the driver-side frame somewhere between the front and rear doors. 

You should use a free service like faxvin.com to get the most information you can from your Rivian’s VIN.

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