Where Are Fender Guitars Made?

Many a musical legend has riffed on a Fender Guitar. In fact, many beginners have riffed on a Fender. Those jams are exclusive to the famed and fortuned. They’re the world’s largest guitar manufacturer. And we’d like to know…where does that manufacturing take place?

It all started in Southern California when the founder, Leo Fender, built his own electric guitar. Inspired by the evolution of the television, Leo sought to craft something for music that was loud and ecstatic. After the electric guitar came the invention of the electric bass. Soon after, rock’n’roll raged through the US. 

The Fender brand continued to set the stage for the modernized musician. Wooden amps, spacey guitars, basses, and eventually digital music makers, Fender has followed the movement every step of the way. 

Fender hosts a range of brands which includes Squier, Gretsch, Jackson, Charvel, EVH, and more. Hordes of famous artists have rocked with a Fender, many toting highly customized instruments. 

It’s been about 70 years since Fender hit the scene. With such a rich American history threaded throughout its own, let’s find out if the guitars start out that way: American

Verdict: Are Fender Guitars Made in the USA?

Only some Fender Guitars are made in the USA. Fender Guitars are made in the US and globally at locations like Mexico and Indonesia. 

Fender built their products stateside from the start, but it wasn’t until 1985 that they opened their flagship US factory. It is based out of Corona, California. It is here that the Fender Custom Shop is located. Among musicians, it is known as the Dream Shop and has outfitted many famed artists. 

However, two years later, they also opened a factory in Ensenada, Mexico. These days, any Fender-branded electric guitar or bass is either made in the US or at this factory in Mexico. 

This information is readily available on their site, located in their About Us section. Naming these two factory locations seems to be an integral part of their history. However, they fail to mention the other locations where manufacturing takes place. 

Fender sells more than just guitars. We’re talking amps, digital music makers, and more. Where is that stuff made? To get this information, we sent an email to Fender to see if they could provide us with a more detailed list. Here is the response we received:

Remember that under that Fender name is a list of subsidiary brands. Although Fender-branded guitars are made in the US or Mexico, Squire guitars (also made by Fender) are made in Asia. 

Fender Guitars are as American as Rock and Roll. But it turns out that Rock’n’Roll belongs to the world. Fender Guitars are made both in the US and globally. If you really want to make sure your ax is American-made, your best bet is to invest in something from Fender’s Dream Factory. So…start saving. 

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Popular Fender Guitars Not Made in the USA

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  • CD-60S Dreadnought, All-Mahogany

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