Signature K9

Signature K9

Headquarters: Colorado Springs, CO

States manufacturing in: CO


Signature K9 makes leashes and other dog handling equipment. Its products are well made, durable, and designed for function by Matt Akenhead, an incredibly accomplished dog trainer since the early twentieth century who has won 40 titles with eight different dogs.

Perhaps best known for its dog-related equipment for law enforcement and military applications, Signature K9 provides tools for dog training and handling that have been made and vetted by professionals. This gear works effectively to ensure you and your working dog are kept safe while performing duties. 

Signature K9 was bought by Ray Allen Manufacturing in 2007. Originally a saddle and harness business in 1948 in Colorado Springs, the relocation of the army’s Sentry Dog Program to local Camp Carson in the early 50s led to Ray Allen providing K9 leashes and collars to the US Army. This grew into Ray and his wife manufacturing a range of K9 products and writing the specs for Military K9 equipment up until they retired in 1977. The company was then bought by Frank W. Howard but kept the name which had established itself as the top K9 supplier in the country. 

When you see a K9 police officer with his dog on a leash, the chances are pretty high that Signature K9 made the leash you’re looking at. It follows, then, that if it’s good enough for tactical training work, it will be more than adequate for you and your pup.

Featured Signature K-9 Products Made in the USA

Braided leather leash: This Amish-made handcrafted dog leash has beveled edges and a braided handle, making it incredibly secure and comfortable. It also features a bronze snap at the end for extra security to your dog’s collar. Designed to let your dog sniff around but not let it get out of reach, this leather leash can help with clear and quick correction. Ideal for everyday use to hardcore K9 training, this leash has been made to last a lifetime. 

Leather tracking harness: This durable dog harness is your go-to for all K9 duties. Whether it’s search and rescue or detection dog missions, this harness has an additional handle on top for extra control, brass hardware throughout, and heavy-duty leather construction, designed to last a lifetime. It also has a thick padded breastplate, adjustment points in five areas, and multiple hardware options to run leashes or lines, meaning your dog will be comfortable, even for days on end. 

Heavy leather agitation collar: Made in the USA by Amish craftsmen, this leather collar is made with two layers of Latigo leather and heavy-duty hardware to ensure maximum security and safety of your dog. Designed for tracking, there’s an option to have an additional handle, which is positioned to comfortably spread the weight across the dog’s neck. 

Manufacturing Notes

Signature K9 doesn’t share too much about its manufacturing process. On some of their product pages, they list that the product is made in the USA by Amish craftsmen, but not all of them say this. However, on the ‘additional information’ on all of their product pages, they list the origin as ‘USA’. This suggests that all of their products are made in the USA, with a select few being made by Amish craftsmen. 

There also isn’t any clear indication on whether Signature K9 products are made in the Ray Allen Manufacturing facility since it was bought in 2007. Ray Allen Manufacturing has its headquarters, single retail store, and distribution center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but doesn’t share any more information about its manufacturing process. 

We confirmed with their customer service team that their products are indeed made in the USA, but we are going to reach out again to the Signature K9 team to find out more information on their materials and manufacturing. We’ll follow up and update this article soon with some ‘behind the scenes’ on their manufacturing process.