Headquarters: Caldwell, ID

States manufacturing in: ID


When looking at shoes in 2017, the founders of NuuSol found that shoes were either stylish but overpriced and uncomfortable, or comfortable but not very trendy. Despite over 30 billion pairs of footwear being produced in the world at the time, they set out on a mission to manufacture shoes that followed four principles:

  1. Make it comfortable
  2. Make it stylish
  3. Make it affordable
  4. Make it in the U.S.

in 2018 NuuSol was born, creating the Cascade flip-flop to these guidelines. They now have four products as part of their range which continue to follow the same principles of being comfortable, stylish, affordable, and made in the USA. Part of their range is recovery footwear which is manufactured with a podiatrist-approved footbed that can help relieve neck, shoulder, back, and joint pain as well as foot-related ailments.

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