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Chumba Bikes

Headquarters: Austin, TX

States manufacturing in: TX


Chumba bicycles pride themselves on handcrafted, made-in-the-USA bikes that meet everyone’s highest standards, from amateur riders to pros.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Chumba offers a full line of mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and road bikes. Each product comes proudly adorned with a USA sticker, signifying that each bike is built by hand in the United States.

Each bike is constructed by expert in-house welders who painstakingly put together high-quality materials, using specific geometry to create bikes that perform exquisitely. Their dedicated crew loves bikes, and it shows. They take the time to personally inspect everything from the tubes to the handlebars to make sure it meets Chumba’s high standards.

They also create custom bicycles. That means if you have a specific design in mind for a frame that can accommodate your needs, they can get it done. Their bikes’ capabilities speak for themselves, as testified by their roster of accomplished cyclists.

Alexandera Houchin of Team Chumba won the Tour Divide bike race in 2018 and 2019 on a Chumba, even setting the record on the grueling 2,000+ race from the Canadian border to the Mexican border along the spine of the Rocky Mountains.

In addition to bicycles, Chumba offers an array of accessories. They have bikepacking bags, water bottle cages, axels, rubber grommets, apparel, stickers, and badges among their non-bike offerings.

Featured Chumba Bikes Made in the USA

Mountain bikes: Chumba has crafted two mountain bikes, each available in steel or titanium. The Sendero and Stella are designed for those looking to ride and race challenging off-road terrain, with tire and mud clearance, and predictable handling being seriously considered. 

The Sendero mountain bike is ideal for refined down-country / trail-capable hardtail, whilst the Stella mountain bike is for those covering vast distances quickly and comfortably, being used by many bikepackers to set numerous ultra-race records. 

Both bikes have customization options, such as frame finishes and custom graphics, but when ordering the Sendero mountain bike, you’re able to pick tubing crafted to your goals, weight, ride style, and desired feel.

Gravel bikes: If you’re looking for a gravel bike that’s been tried and tested, then look no further than Chumba, who has taken this task very seriously. 

They’ve crafted the Terlingua in steel and titanium which can handle the varied terrain of gravel. Whether you want something that can perform in gravel but also sprint out of corners at your local cyclocross race, something focussed on all-road race performance, or a heavy-duty bike that can handle all terrain, there’s a Chumba gravel bike for you. There’s also frame customization on some options depending on what you’re after, as well as custom frame colors, titanium finishes, and graphics to make it completely personal to you.  

Road bikes: For those looking for a high-performing durable road bike, then you’re in for a bonus. Chumba’s Terlingua range of gravel bikes also performs fully capable as an all-road bike. Their expertise means that they’re able to include geometrical and tubing customizations to fine-tune it. Making the bike able to handle responsive, comfortable, long-endurance rides, but also still be able to take you offroad. 

Manufacturing Notes

Chumba is a small family-owned business with a real focus on crafting beautiful, functional, high-quality handmade bikes for all riders. All of their steel frames and their Sendero Titanium bikes are made entirely in-house at their headquarters in Austin, Texas. 

Their bikes are built in small batches, typically 4-6 frames at a time to ensure they’re able to give each one individual attention for the highest quality and focus. Their website lets you know when the next batch is being made and therefore when to order and when to expect your Chumba bike delivery. 

Though the majority of their bikes are made from USA-sourced materials, some of their bike frame metal is built of a combination of the best USA and Italian Titanium tubing. However, their commitment to predominantly build their bikes in the USA and support American workers from their Texas headquarters is a huge positive. If you’re looking for high-quality bikes made in the USA, Chumba is the place to go.