President Biden Announces Made in America Week

Made in America is bigger than ever. Not only are customers exclusively searching for US-made goods, but the government is also on board. On July 21st, President Biden announced the celebration of “Made in America Week,” which takes place July 23-29, 2023.

The value of American goods is ever-increasing. Now, the citizen consumer and federal level business join hands in a unified effort to continue to celebrate American manufacturing. 

The Boom in American Manufacturing

Once upon a time, America led the race in global manufacturing. In the age of industrialization, production bloomed and manufacturing boomed. It peaked after World War II when the nation saw only 8% of purchases were of foreign goods. 

However, after this period came an agonizing decline that landed us in the pit of foreign dependence. This, of course, proved to be a national travesty in both supply chains and employment when the world was rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Today, the United States leads the way in importing goods. In 2022, imports to the US amounted to $3.2 trillion (yes, trillion), nearly 17% of which comes from China. A fractional shift in these metrics favoring US-made goods would yield celebratory results. And that, exactly, is the goal of the current administration. 

Under President Biden, American manufacturing has seen the addition of 800,000 new jobs and hundreds of billions in investments. This is thanks to the rigorous pursuit of Acts and Laws to support American made goods and services. Among the laws set in place are federal infrastructure guidelines, the return of domestic semiconductor manufacturing, and tax credits to clean energy companies. Finally, American manufacturing is back on the up and up. 

Celebrating American Made

It’s the government’s job to manage the big players. They’re doing it well with laws like the Buy American Act, shutting down loopholes and other power moves. So, what role does the consumer play in this game? You may not think your actions have much effect, but they do. 

Upon the proclamation of Made in America Week this July of 2023, President Biden stated, “I call upon all Americans to observe this week by celebrating Made in America and supporting American workers and domestic businesses that are the backbone of building a future here in America.” 

Every single purchase can make a big difference for a small company. So, shop locally and value American made. When looking for products online, use the search term “Made in USA” or filter items by location. Find your favorite small restaurant (preferably one that sources ingredients locally) and feast on the knowledge that you are a part of the bigger picture: that of supporting American made goods of every facet. 

The bulk of the work may sit on the shoulders of industry giants and billion dollar companies, but why not put your hard-earned American dollars right back where they belong…in American hands.

Image credit: C-SPAN

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