President Biden Announces Major Investment in American Manufacturing

Cummins, an engine manufacturing company based out of Columbus, Indiana, is investing in producing engines powered by low-to-zero carbon-emitting fuels. A total of $1 billion will be invested in Cummins facilities in Indiana, New York, North Carolina, and Minnesota. President Biden announced the news of this investment on April 3rd, during his Investing in America tour.

Historically, Cummins has produced standard engines that run on diesel and gas. Today, more than half of the big trucks on our highways are running on Cummins engines. Dating back to World War II, they produced generators for the US and our allies. However, the company doesn’t just operate within American borders. They also have facilities overseas. Naturally, there is national interest in clean energy manufacturing and where that manufacturing takes place. 

New Grounds for Clean Energy

Despite their initial production of fossil-fueled machinery, Cummins is keeping pace in the field of clean energy. One such effort includes manufacturing electrolyzers, a machine that produces clean hydrogen without the resulting carbon emissions. 

Electrolyzers operate by chemically splitting water into its two components, oxygen and hydrogen. The latter chemical can be thus collected for industrial needs such as fuel cells for energy storage and clean vehicle engines. Hydrogen production is a promising technology that can result in zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Cummins first began producing the electrolyzers at their foreign facilities. However, due to incentives from recent American industrial policies, Cummins was inspired to bring that manufacturing stateside. Diverting $10 million of their investment to this project alone, the company is ready to begin production of electrolyzers at their Fridley, Minnesota facility on April 24th.

Cummins Moves Manufacturing of Electrolyzers Stateside

America is working hard to promote its manufacturing fields, especially when it comes to clean energy. President Biden, while on site at the Cummins manufacturing facility in Minnesota for his Investing in America tour, stated that the Inflation Reduction Act encouraged Cummins to transition their production of electrolyzers to their American facilities. 

The Inflation Reduction Act includes tax credits for home energy, clean vehicle, and renewable energy manufacturing. By encouraging big manufacturers to return to American production, the country benefits from an economic boost and job market expansion and propels clean energy. 

Investing in American Clean Energy

Since taking office in 2021, President Biden’s office has invested over $435 billion of federal funds for 240+ projects in American manufacturing. The Investing in America tour will have President Biden, Vice President Harris, and First Lady Biden visiting 25 states over the next several weeks. Hopefully, there will be more big news breaks for American manufacturing to come.

This manufacturing shift by Cummins is a clear example of how companies can remain relevant in a changing society by adapting to the evolving needs of our nation. The world is moving towards clean energy, and America is on a quest to support our internal economy. By incorporating the two together, the result benefits the country, American citizens, and the planet. In other words, good things happen when American manufacturing and clean energy meet.

Image credit: Macy Moore / West Central Tribune

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