Swimwear Made in the USA

It’s difficult finding swimwear that fits well, looks nice and that’s going to hold up through all your outdoor adventures. We’re gearing up for summer, so we took the time to investigate and track down all of the swimsuits made in the USA today. The journey wasn’t an easy one, but through careful research, we uncovered all of the American-made bathing suit options.

Complete List of Swimwear Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Whitefish, MT

States manufacturing in: MT

FORLOH is a hunting and outdoor apparel brand that offers women’s swimwear for ladies who are active on the water. FORLOH has everything from bikini tops and bottoms to swim shorts and rash guard shirts in a lot of colors and styles. Their swim shorts and bikini top give full coverage for whatever activity you’re doing. Their swimwear is also UPF 75+, so you’ll be protected from those sun rays and uses odor-resistant fabric, so you don’t have to worry about all that sweat ruining your swimsuit after just a few wears.

Vitamin A

Headquarters: Laguna Beach, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

When a day to the beach is just another excuse to show off your style, Vitamin A has a lot of style options to choose from. Vitamin A is well known for offering luxury-feeling swimwear that’s designed in line with the latest fashions but still manages to be affordable and sustainable. Vitamin A’s swimwear ranges from bikinis to bralettes, one-pieces, and more. Most swimsuits are made from a mix of nylon and lycra, usually with about 60-80% nylon. One thing to note – not all Vitamin A products are made in the USA, so just be sure to check the product specs, but most swimsuits are made here.

Hackwith Design House

Headquarters: St. Paul, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Hackwith Design House is a fashion brand located in Minnesota that makes a ton of great women’s clothing. They have lots of cute tops, bottoms, and one-pieces in their swimwear collection. Keep in mind that some of their swimwear has globally-sourced materials. Everything is assembled here, however, and they source some materials locally.

Dippin’ Daisy’s

Headquarters: South El Monte, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Dippin’ Daisy’s is one of the premier options available today for quality, affordable women’s swimwear. They have a wide range of design options available from this American manufacturer. Each suit is made from a blend of nylon and polyester to create just the right amount of stretch with each wear. These swimsuits feature heavy stitching and use a single piece of fabric whenever possible for maximum strength.

Carve Designs

Headquarters: Sausalito, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Swimwear isn’t just for looks, and that’s especially true as a surfer out on the ocean. That’s why it’s so important to look closely at activewear to make sure it moves well, is built to hold up to harsh saltwater, and that it offers excellent sun protection. All of these things are considered in the products offered by Carve Designs.

They have a careful design process that goes into each option. These suits offer 50+ UPF protection as well. They are made with a blend of nylon and spandex and crafted using a stretch tricot design for free movement during use. The suits feature an athletic look and are built to remain in place even when under pressure from intense waves. They’re also machine washable.

Bikini Thief

Headquarters: Pasadena, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Bikini Thief created American-made maternity swimsuits available to women that are expecting. Each of the maternity swimsuits is made to be comfortable and features wide back straps and full back coverage for maximum comfort and support. The different swimsuits are offered with adjustable bottoms for a better fit. There isn’t a huge range of variety in their colors or print options, but having a comfortable bikini when expecting is a helpful benefit.

Esther Williams

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

If there’s one iconic look from the 50’s era that women still enjoy wearing out in public, it’s the form-fitting pinup swimsuit. Even though it’s a one-piece swimsuit, it offers a form-fitting design made to accentuate a woman’s figure. Esther Williams is one of the leading US suppliers of 50’s pinup style swimwear. The Classic Sheath One-Piece sold by Esther Williams comes with a halter tie at the neck, soft shaping cups, and tummy control for a sleek and streamlined look throughout. Each suit is formed from heavy stitching with thick seams for reliable strength. They come in a huge range of sizes and color and print variations, but all are made from the same form-fitting design.


Headquarters: Newport Beach, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Heading to the beach can make for a fun-filled day out in the sun, but without the proper gear, it can also make for some uncomfortable burns by the end of the day. That’s why it’s important to dress to protect your skin. Swimsuits for both men and women from Slipins have been created to make this a bit easier for you (but don’t forget the sunscreen!). Slipins offers a lineup of heavy coverage suits. Both men and women can get suits that will cover their arms, legs, midsections, and most of their most vulnerable skin while out on the ocean water. The suits offer 60+ UPF protection, so you’ll only have to worry about safeguarding your exposed skin from sunlight while at the beach.


Headquarters: Citrus Heights, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

One of the joys of bright sunshiny summer days is the golden tan that comes with outside fun, but swimsuits can get in the way of that all-over-tanned look. Cooltan has created a swimwear product that allows sunlight through so you can get a full-body tan even with a swimsuit on.

Each of the suits is made from Microsol, a fabric that allows sunlight through just as a medium SPF sunscreen does. “The advantage of making [them] in the USA is the speed of innovation and innovation itself,” says Mark Armenta, a Marketing Manager at Cooltan. Micosol fabric is used to create a lightweight and comfortable material, ideal for a hot day in the sun. “Our swimwear is extremely comfortable, stays dry, and lets them get rays when they are outside,” says Mark. “We have many customers who sleep in our swimwear, and some who wear them all day long. How many swimsuits can you do that with?”


Headquarters: Santa Ana, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

As a surfer staple since the 1960s, Birdies surf shorts are designed to be incredibly practical. Produced out of Santa Ana, CA, Birdwell Beach Britches is a producer of swimsuits for men and women who like to surf, board, or just enjoy fun in the sun.

They’re manufactured with a blend of double and triple-stitched seams, which means they hold up well to lots of wear. The shorts are fitted with corrosion-resistant nickel-plated grommets. They come with a wax pocket that has a key loop as well as the typical drain hole. These shorts are made from a proprietary nylon blend for strength known as SurNyl as well. Each pair of board shorts from Birdwell Beach Britches is hand-cut and sewn to precise standards.


Headquarters: San Diego, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Sauvage makes all of their swimwear in San Diego. And even though they have just a small team of talented seamstresses, they are still able to produce a wide variety of swimwear for men and women to choose from.

Most swim trunks for men today are designed to be a bit baggy, and finding a form-fitting option can prove difficult, especially when searching through manufacturers within the U.S. Sauvage offers a selection of suits with a slim form factor and snug fit.

As for women, you can find a variety of bikinis in various patterns, one-pieces, as well as shorts and swim cover-ups. Plus, their swimsuits for women are gorgeously designed.

Pistol Pete

Headquarters: Pembroke Pines, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

Men looking for tight swimwear will find what they’re looking for with Pistol Pete. These minimal boxer trunk options are snug and compact in design, offering more freedom while out at the beach. Each of the pieces is made from a blend of polyester and spandex and built to fit precisely on a specific body type. They use heavy stitching and stretchy material, and waistbands to produce a nice snug fit in all the right places.

Board Shorts World

Headquarters: Tampa, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

Board Shorts World is a retailer carrying exclusively made in the USA swimwear brands. You can order from their online store and even place a custom order with inseam and outseam specifications that fit you perfectly.

Mangrove Monkey

Headquarters: Naples, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

Mangrove Monkey makes custom boardshorts for swimmers and surfers who want a more tailored fit with a unique design. Their typical turnaround time is about 7 to 10 days.

Los Angeles Apparel

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Los Angeles Apparel is a large clothing manufacturer in California that has some good swimwear options for men and women. For men, they have more traditional swimsuits (Not board shorts! These are Mike’s go-to swimwear). For women, they have bikinis and one-piece swimsuits.

Montauk Tackle Company

Headquarters: Long Island, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Montauk Tackle Company is a coastal apparel brand that makes high-performance activewear for men and women. Their swimsuits are have 50+ UPF sun protection and they have some classic styles if you need something functional and durable without all the flare.

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How To Find Swimwear Made in the USA

Let’s not just rattle off a laundry list of American-made swimwear brands; instead, we want to arm you with the savvy to dive into your own exploration and shop with smarts. Here’s a closer peek into the swimwear manufacturing scene – from sourcing materials to deciphering labels, and savvy strategies for snagging quality swimwear crafted in the USA. First off, let’s look at “made in the USA” jargon and how to make sense of it.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), for a product to be labeled “made in the USA,” “all or virtually all” of the product must be made in the United States. Everything from the sourcing of the materials to the product assembly must take place on U.S. soil to earn this label. Understanding what “made in the USA” means is the first step in finding swimwear made in the USA.

Check out our helpful labeling guide to learn more about what this means.


To find American made swimwear, you need to research the materials. Understanding what materials are used and where the material comes from will help you find the perfect US-made swimwear.


Nylon is a popular material used in swimwear as it is strong, water-resistant, and durable. Not surprisingly, China is the largest producer of nylon worldwide. However, the USA does not fall far behind. In fact, the USA produces around 2.4 million tons of nylon yearly and ranks fourth in nylon production in the world. This means that finding domestic nylon swimwear will not be too difficult! But you may want to double-check the country of origin, as companies looking to cut down on labor costs may use Chinese nylon instead.


Polyester is a common material to make swimwear, as it is durable and can hold its shape even after being in the water. While China is the overall largest producer of this material, the USA is home to two of the ten largest polyester-producing companies worldwide. Altogether, the USA produces around 1.4 million tons of the material annually, making it relatively easy to find polyester swimwear made in the USA.


Spandex is used in swimwear as it is stretchy and comfortable. It is commonly known as lycra or elastane and is a popular material because of its elasticity. Spandex was first invented in Virginia, USA. However, China is now the world’s leading spandex producer, producing around 75% of the world’s spandex! Because of the lower labor costs in China, most of America’s spandex production has been shifted abroad. That being said, you can still find USA-made spandex; it just may take a bit of research.


Because researching the product’s material only gets you so far, you must also pay attention to the product’s labeling.

For textiles, the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act helps consumers determine whether or not a specific product is made in the USA. This act requires all companies to be transparent about the fiber contents of their products. The Textile Fiber Products Identification Act instructs what is on your swimwear labels. For example, the label will show you whether the product is made from 100% nylon or 80% nylon and 20% spandex. The act also requires the product’s country of origin is on the label.

Additionally, Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the US Code states that all imported products must be labeled as such. These two laws make it easier for you to find US-made swimwear. Make sure you look specifically for the FTC-protected “made in the USA” label to ensure your swimwear is made domestically. However, there are a few things to look out for.

Firstly, note that the FTC does not do the best job of policing the usage of the “made in the USA” label. Because there is no pre-approval process, it is up to the companies to determine whether the product meets the requirements to use the “made in the USA” label.

You should also pay special attention to the vocabulary used in labels. For example, labels like “manufactured in the USA” or “designed in the USA” may trick you into thinking that the product is made in the USA. However, these labels mean that only a part of the manufacturing process occurs in the United States. Other labels, such as “made in America,” can also be used to confuse, but this label means that the product could have been made in Canada or Mexico.

Finally, just because you see the American flag on the label does not mean the product is made in the USA. Using the American flag is not protected like the label “made in the USA” is, so it is essential to research the product further.

Other Tips

Here are some more useful tips that you can use to find swimwear made in the USA:

Check the Website

Checking the company’s or seller’s website is a good way to determine if the swimwear is made in the USA. Visit the “About Us” section of their website to learn more and find out where the product is made. If the product is genuinely made in the USA, this should be loudly advertised as it is a great selling point for the items.

Keep in mind that there is no requirement to state where the product was made on online or promotional materials, only on the physical product itself. So remember, if there is no indication of the country of origin, the product is highly likely made overseas or with imported materials.

Call the Company

Call the company directly if you are still unsure where a product is made. They will be happy to answer any questions about the swimwear, including where it is manufactured, allowing you to make an informed decision about your purchase!

Swimwear Not Made in the USA

Here are some popular swimwear brands we came across in our research that are not made in the USA. We’ll keep updating this list as we find more.

  • Everlane – Made in Sri Lanka.
  • Solid & Striped – Made in Morocco.
  • Summersalt – Made in China and across Asia.
  • Frankies Bikinis – Made in Los Angeles and Bali.
  • Madewell – “Imported” (we’ll look more into where exactly).
  • Andie – Made in China.
  • Faithfull the Brand – Made in Indonesia.
  • Cupshe – Made in China.

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