Mattress Toppers Made in the USA

A good night’s sleep is important for both your physical and mental health, so buying the right mattress topper could be a way for you to get more comfortable without having to shell out the big bucks for a new mattress. Many mattress toppers are manufactured in the USA, but we could only find a few also made from 100% USA-sourced materials. Below, you’ll find a complete list of mattress toppers made in the USA, along with extensive details about each product. You can also scroll to the bottom of the article to find some well-known brands that aren’t made in the USA.

Complete List of Mattress Topper Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Plantation, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

GhostBed was founded more than 20 years ago by Marc Werner, who spent most of his life in his family’s ladder business. He decided to invent his own pillow and mattress when he couldn’t find comfortable products. GhostBed bedding products are manufactured by Nature’s Sleep.

While only selling one type of mattress topper, it includes several benefits, including memory foam, cooling gel, and waterproof protection. An elastic band secures the mattress topper, while the multi-zone technology ensures you’ll be comfortable from head to toe while you sleep.

Nest Bedding

Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

States manufacturing in: AZ

Founded in 2011, Nest Bedding is a factory-direct company with showrooms in California, Washington, Arizona, New York, Texas, Illinois, and Minnesota. Nest Bedding sells a handful of mattress toppers, each using different technology, enabling you to buy one specific to your needs. These features include cooling, foam, latex, washable, and merino wool.

All their toppers are made with eco-friendly, natural materials and are designed to keep your body cool and regulate your temperature as you sleep. Nest Bedding offers a 30-night trial for their mattress toppers, so you can test if it’s right for you. They also offer a 2-year warranty. We also really appreciate their supply chain transparency – we talked to the team at Nest, and they were more than willing to provide details on their raw materials. This, in part, is what sets them apart from the competition.

Frankenmuth Woolen Mill

Headquarters: Frankenmuth, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

The Frankenmuth Woolen Mill was established in Frankenmuth, Michigan, in 1894 to process wool from local sheep to make bedding designed for bitter-cold Midwest winters. Matt and Abby Curtis are only the fourth owners of the historic mill.

Frankenmuth Woolen Mill offers one mattress topper. It’s 2.5 inches thick and is filled with climate-beneficial wool wrapped in 100% certified organic cotton, which works to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. The naturally crimped fibers of the wool work as insulation, providing additional comfort and a night of deeper sleep.


Headquarters: Council Bluffs, IA

States manufacturing in: IA

Sure2Sleep sells a number of mattress toppers, each with gel swirl memory foam, available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. The technology used ensures your bed temperature remains neutral, no matter the weather, and is made from breathable materials. Sure2Sleep’s mattress toppers also help reduce aches and pains due to the memory foam which conforms to your shape while you sleep, regardless of position, helping you sleep easy.


Headquarters: Greenwood Village, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

Nolah began its journey in the world of bed products by working to improve Memory Foam. The technology-driven company wanted to create a superior mattress that created cooler nights of sleep. After hundreds of formulations and testing, they created Nolah AirFoam, designed to be 100% temperature neutral, have 4X less pressure on hips and backs, and is universally comfortable.

Alongside their mattress protectors and pads, Nolah also sells a mattress topper. Available in either ‘plush’ or ‘luxury firm’ firmness levels, the Nolah mattress topper is made with AirFoam technology to provide an extra layer of cushioning and pressure relief while you sleep.

How to Find Mattress Toppers Made in the USA

Mattress toppers cushion your mattress to make your bed more comfortable. But not all mattress toppers are created equal. If you’re looking for the best quality mattress topper while also supporting the American economy and getting a good night’s sleep, you should look for a mattress topper made in the USA. As more and more people are becoming aware of their purchases’ impact on local communities, they’re searching for products made in the USA.

Finding American-made products sometimes requires a bit of effort and research, but once you know what to look for, you’ll be able to find American made mattress toppers.

What Does “Made In The USA” Mean?

First, let’s define what it means for a product to be “made in the USA.” According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), goods labeled “made in the USA” must meet strict guidelines. The FTC states that a product can only be labeled “made In The USA” if all of its significant parts and processing are made in the USA. In other words, the product must be made with American materials and assembled in the USA. The manufacturer cannot use more than a negligible amount of foreign products to produce the item to meet this requirement.

For more information on this, check out our full article on the FTC’s guidelines.


When searching for mattress toppers made in the USA, you’ll need first to research the materials used and find out where they come from.


Polyester is a synthetic material commonly found in mattress toppers and is mainly produced in Asia. China is the world’s largest polyester producer; however, several US companies are now producing polyester for use in mattress toppers. With about 1.4 million tons of polyester industry capacity in the US, it is possible to find mattress toppers completely made from American-sourced polyester. Check the label to ensure you buy a mattress topper with US-made polyester.

Down and Feathers

In recent years, the down and feather industry has become more closely regulated to ensure that animals are not mistreated, and the feathers used in down products are sourced more responsibly. Many US companies now produce mattress toppers made with ethically sourced down and feathers.

China, again, is the world’s largest producer of down and feathers, and the US tends to be one of the biggest importers of this material. However, that doesn’t mean finding US-sourced down and feathers is impossible – just a bit harder than other materials!


The USA is the third-largest cotton producer in the world, so finding cotton grown and made in the USA should not be too difficult. Cotton is a 21 billion dollar industry in the USA, so you should be able to find mattress toppers made with American cotton relatively easily compared to other materials, such as polyester, down, and feathers. But remember that China and India are still the largest cotton producers, so check the labels on any mattress topper you are considering to make sure it is made with US-sourced cotton.


Looking at the label is the next step to finding mattress toppers made in the USA. Two laws help consumers find US-made products more efficiently. First, the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act states that for textile products, companies must label them with the following:

  1. Standardized language for the fiber material used
  2. Percentage of each fiber material used
  3. Country of origin

The second of these laws is Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the US Code, which states all products made abroad must be labeled as such. With the help of these two laws and the fact that the FTC protects the usage of the “made in the USA” label, finding US-made mattress toppers should be easy. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, there is no pre-approval process for the FTC-protected “made in the USA” label. This means it’s up to the companies to determine whether or not their products meet the criteria to be able to use this label. If you ever come across incorrect usage of the label, you can then report them to the FTC.

Be wary of companies that use misleading labels or make dubious claims about the origin of their products. Always read the label carefully and do your research to determine the legitimacy of the company and its claims. For example, some companies may use confusing labels, such as “assembled in the USA” or “designed in the USA”. However, these labels mean only a part of the production takes place domestically. Similarly, “made in the USA with imported materials” does not mean that the product is truly made in the USA, as it is made with non-American raw materials. Finally, “made in America” can mean the product is made in Canada or Mexico, not the United States.

Another thing to watch out for is the usage of the American flag and other patriotic imagery on labels. Just because you see the flag does not automatically mean the product is made in the USA.

Other Tips

Apart from checking the labels, here are a few extra tips to help you find mattress toppers made in the USA.

Check the Company’s Website

“Made in the USA” is a huge selling point, so if this is the case for a particular mattress topper, the company should be advertising it loudly and proudly. Check the company’s website and specifically look at the About Us section or the product page. Keep in mind that companies are not required to state the country of origin on their online or promotional materials, so if you can’t find the country of origin, it’s safe to assume that it’s made abroad.

Check Amazon

Online shopping websites like Amazon will often state the country of origin on the Product Description section of the product page. If you can’t find the country of origin, try the FAQ section.

Call the Manufacturer

If you’re still unsure about the origin of a mattress topper, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer directly. They should be able to answer any questions and provide more information about their manufacturing process.

Mattress Toppers Not Made in the USA

  • Avocado – manufactured in California, but the materials are sourced from India and Guatemala.
  • Birch – manufactured in the USA, but all wool is sourced from New Zealand.
  • Cozy Pure – manufactured in Virginia, but the latex comes from rubber trees in Sri Lanka.
  • eLuxury – Manufactured in Evansville, Indiana, but the materials are sourced from China.
  • Early Bird – The micro coil and cover are not always sourced in the USA.
  • EarthSake – The raw organic latex for the organic latex toppers comes from Sri Lanka.
  • Eco Terra – The latex is sourced from Asia.
  • Holy Lamb Organics – manufactured in Oakville, Washington, but the cotton is from Pakistan and some of the wool is from New Zealand.
  • OMI – Manufactured in California and Colorado, but the wool is imported from New Zealand.
  • Pacific Coast – Made in the USA with imported materials.
  • Sleep Innovations – All the memory foam is manufactured in the United States, but the covers are sourced from other countries, usually in China or South America.
  • Soft-Tex – Their memory foam toppers are made in China.
  • ViscoSoft – Nearly all of their mattress toppers are manufactured in the USA, but the covers are made in China.

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