Face Masks Made in the USA

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our nation. Everyone has different comfort levels, but if you’re going to wear one, make sure you wear one that is made in the USA and supports American businesses. We did the research to help you find those companies that are producing disposable and reusable face masks made in the USA. Below are our findings along with some resources to help you stay safe in your local community.

I also want to say, we are not medical professionals. All of these masks are meant to help you stay safe, but are not medical devices and will not guarantee that you don’t contract the coronavirus or other diseases. Use at your own risk.

All American Clothing Co.

Headquarters: Arcanum, OH

American Giant is on our list of jeans made in the USA, and since the pandemic outbreak, they’ve stepped up to produce high-quality, basic black cotton face masks. Their masks are made from 96% cotton and 4% spandex and are made in California.

The reusable masks are machine washable and should be pretty comfortable with a snug fit for most folks. Keep in mind, these are not sized for children though. Their masks come in a basic, black cotton style, ideal for those looking for something more subdued.


Headquarters: California

States manufacturing in: CA

Born out of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Ceemly was an industrial soft-goods manufacturer and designer who quickly pivoted once there became a domestic shortage of FDA-certified respiratory masks. They used their decades of experience in in-house design, production, and sourcing to create industrial quantities of high-grade face masks as well as other medical supplies.

They sell single-use disposable 3-ply face masks that are designed to provide reliable protection. As well as the classic blue medical masks, they also offer these with patterns on them such as hearts or stars. They also sell 4-ply masks and a Civil 95 Respirator mask which is a disposable single-use particulate filter.

Subzero Masks

Headquarters: USA

Subzero is a company that is dedicated to making masks. Not only do they have masks for adults and kids, but they also make face shields, filters, and some apparel. Their face masks are made from 95% cotton and 5% polyester and include a pouch for inserting filters. Their around-the-ear loops are adjustable as well, so most people should be able to get a snug fit. They also come in a bunch of different styles that you can browse through. They also have a 1-for-1 donation policy – for every Subzero mask purchased, they donate a mask to an at-risk individual.


Headquarters: West Palm Beach, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

ELoMed is based in Florida and makes biodegradable face masks from renewable plant resources like corn and sugar cane. Everything is tested to ASTM Standards.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is constantly putting out new resources on how you can stay safe. We’ve done our best to compile the most important ones and linked them below. We’ll continue to update this section as we find more.

Selecting, Wearing, and Cleaning a Mask

Here are the official CDC guidelines on how to properly select, wear, and clean your mask. Generally, you should select a mask that:

  • Has two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric
  • Completely covers your nose and mouth
  • Fits snugly against your face so there are no gaps

Face Mask Requirements by State

Some states have mandates on face-covering, while others do not. Here is an updated list from AARP that outlines which states have mask mandates and which do not.

Social Distancing

The CDC recommends keeping a safe distance from others to slow the spread of COVID-19. Here are their latest guidelines on social distancing.