Stoneware & Co.

Stoneware & Co.

Headquarters: Louisville, KY

States manufacturing in: KY


Rooted in Kentucky, Stoneware & Co has produced clay products since 1815. Originally, the stoneware company concentrated on “functional art forms” for your home, kitchen, and garden.

Of course, that extended to tableware sets, utilitarian mugs that maintain a sense of style, and all the earthenware you need for dining, drinking, and more. From designs for special occasions to everyday classics, there’s something for everyone. And, it’s all made in the USA and to your specifications.

Today, the company still provides factory tours for visitors to explore their clay process. Visitors can even paint their own stoneware and have all the pieces shipped to them after firing. Of course, you can also shop online from Stoneware & Co.’s store and have your stoneware products arrive at your doorstep.

Even if you skip the in-person painting process, you can still customize your order. As you shop, you can choose from multiple patterns and color schemes. Each component is made to order by Kentucky craftspeople in the local factory.

Featured Stoneware & Co. Products Made in the USA

Louisville Pottery Collection Mug: Louisville 14-ounce mugs are solid in your hand and feel sturdy with either hot or cold beverages inside. And though the mug helps insulate your hot beverage, your hands won’t feel a thing. It features a simple cylindrical design, with a separately molded handle applied by hand for a seamless fit. Multiple glaze options are available, so while you can choose a two-tone white and ivory option, other colors—like blue and white—can grace your shelves, too. Regardless of the color, each mug has smooth glazing and feels supremely durable. There are multiple pattern options, too, and you can see the offerings at checkout.

Louisville Pottery Collection dinnerware: Stoneware & Co. has a huge dinnerware collection, ensuring your kitchen is fully stocked. Their range includes mixing bowls, serving bowls, plates, cereal bowls, coupe plates, and full 4-piece dinnerware collections. Not only is there a large range but there are a few design options too. All feature the classic two-tone white and ivory color, but have a variety of styles, meaning you can have dinnerware to reflect your kitchen. 

Louisville Pottery Collection serveware: Whether it’s for daily serving up your family dinner or hosting a big soiree, there’s serveware for any occasion with Stoneware & Co. With trays, bowls, platters, pitchers, or even a wine cooler, there’s a huge range of different shapes, sizes, and types of serving dishes to pick from – they even offer suggestions on their product pages on what might work well to serve on that particular dish. The minimalist two-tone design will ensure this collection never goes out of style and will be used for years to come. 

Manufacturing Notes

As one of the oldest stoneware manufacturers in the United States, a lot has changed over the 200+ years that Stoneware & Co. has been trading, including owners, designs, and products. One thing that hasn’t changed in that time though is the dedication to tradition and careful craftsmanship of their products. 

Employing close to three dozen skilled artisans at their factory in Louiseville, Kentucky, Stoneware & Co. creates its wares by hand, without any machines. It can take them several months to create a new piece as they take great care in testing products to ensure they’re completely fit for their purpose. From creating a design to putting it in production can take approximately 6 months. Even their everyday products take time, the simplest pieces take approximately 2-3 weeks to make with bigger pieces sometimes taking months to try. Their owner, Stephen A. Smith says it’s all about ‘respecting the process’ and making sure that nothing is rushed.

Though they don’t reference on their site very much about their products being ‘USA-made’,  Stephen A. Smith shares that they use raw clay mined just 50 miles south of Kentucky and have been for the past 50-60 years. The factory tours and experiences you can have at their facility also reiterate that everything is made in-house, it’s just not referenced very much. They seem to focus more on the craftsmanship than the locality of their products.

Stoneware & Co. is steeped in tradition which results in high-quality USA-made products. There’s a huge range of stoneware available in a range of colors, from classic plain to painted patterns as well as personalization options, meaning there’s something for everyone. They have impressive attention to detail and create products that are incredibly durable, meaning they should last a long time.