PW Minor

PW Minor

Headquarters: Batavia, NY

States manufacturing in: NY


P.W Minor create comfortable, supportive shoes ideal for those with chronic pain or medical conditions.

Starting as a women’s boot company in Interlaken, New York, by two Civil War veteran brothers, PW Minor had been proudly manufacturing their shoes in the USA since 1867. Unfortunately, PW Minor ceased trading on October 5th, 2018. However, you can still buy their footwear from some retailers. 

The Batavia footwear manufacturer strived to support its patrons’ wellness with its innovative orthopedic shoe designs. The company’s mission was to empower all people to ‘Stride with Freedom’ and move with ease, wherever their journeys may take them. If you’re on your feet a lot, a comfortable, supportive pair of shoes allows you to move through a busy day with greater ease and freedom – even more so if you suffer from chronic pain or medical conditions. These reliable time-tested sneakers are attractive multi-purpose shoes that will match most outfits and most importantly, keep you comfortable. 

The 150+ year company used to be the oldest in Genesse County and the second-oldest footwear company in the United States. 

Featured PW Minor Shoes Made in the USA

PW Women’s Minor Performance Walker Dx2 Sneaker: This women’s sneaker-style shoe is made for comfort. With a padded tongue and collar, and a cushioned footbed, every step you take will be fully supported. The easy-use double velcro straps offer a custom fit but also ensure they’re secure to the foot. The Performance Walker also features a pillow back with an Achilles buckle for a wider freedom of movement. Predominantly made from leather, these shoes have an extra-thick rubber and EVA outsole for secure traction, making them suitable for more adventurous walks. 

PW Minor Performance Walker Hiking Shoes: These high-quality Performance Walker shoes will have you finishing a day of hiking feeling as comfortable as when you first started. Its lace-up closure ensures an adjustable and secure fit, with a brushed tricot lining that wicks away moisture. Mostly made from leather, these shoes also have an extra depth for orthotics and a dual-density, slip-resistant rubber outsole, keeping you safe no matter how rough the terrain gets. 

PW Minor Women’s Comfort Casual Shoes Cassie White Leather Lace Up: Perfect for active, casual, and work-life, these innovative orthopedic shoes are designed to give you the utmost comfort wherever you would like to go in everyday life. Made primarily from leather for suppleness and easy-clean qualities, the Cassie Casual Shoe has a lace-up closure, ensuring a custom fit and extra security all day. 

PW Minor Women’s Casual Shoes: Made from leather, these black shoes feature a piping design along the side, making them suitable for several occasions. Especially if you’re someone who often socializes after work. Being lace-up ensures they’ll be fitted to your foot with no rubbing. With padding and room for orthotics, whether you suffer from podiatry issues or are on your feet all day, you can go wrong with PW Minor’s casual shoes. 

Manufacturing Notes 

Despite being one of the USA’s longest-serving footwear manufacturers, PW Minor hit troubles in 2014 when they almost closed but were purchased by Batavia businessmen. Awarded $450,000 by the state to keep its doors open, the company made promises to expand and bring back 100 jobs to their Batavia plant that had previously been outsourced to China in exchange for $1.75 million in state tax credits. PW Minor employed 50 workers at their Genesse County, Michigan site at that time. 

Despite being bought by Delaware-based investment firm, Tidewater + Associates earlier in the year, in September 2018, PW Minor, which was based on Treadeasy Avenue, Batavia filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act notice. The letter to the state Department of Labor said that ‘between 42 and 82 employees could be affected by a possible plant closing or possible layoff’. 45 employees were laid off with the intention to end production on the welt boot line but maintain orthopedic shoe production. However, just a week later the company ceased operations and laid off the rest. They had 82 employees in total.

However, all is not lost. The former PW Minor factory has now been taken up by Artisan Boot and Shoe. Owned by Nicole Porter – the granddaughter of local businessman, Pete Zeliff, who helped rescue PW Minor in 2014 from closure and operated the company for more than three years. Nicole has hired 10 former PW Minor employees to work for Artisan Boot and Shoe. Not only that, but 5 businesses also work in the factory, including Pankhurst Brand, an American shoe manufacturer owned by a former PW Minor employee.