Dearborn Denim

Dearborn Denim

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

States manufacturing in: ILNC


Compared to Levi’s, Wranglers, and other popular jean brands, Dearborn Denim is relatively new on the scene starting back in 2016. They design, cut, and sew all of their jeans in the US. However, they source some materials from other countries. Their website says they source a lot of denim fabric from the Cone Mills location in Parras, Mexico. However, according to the latest import data that we monitor, it looks like they just received a shipment of denim fabric from China. So, watch out! We don’t know if this is a permanent change or a one-off supply issue, but it’s worth monitoring to see if they continue to get denim shipments from China.

More Notes on Dearborn Denim

Dearborn Denim puts a lot of emphasis on fair wages, fair prices, and an overall ethical manufacturing process. No investors of venture capitalists behind this brand – just great people passionate about their community and making high quality jeans.

They have several varieties of jeans for both men and women. I opted for the vintage wash which is more my style, but they also have:

  • Dark wash
  • Medium wash
  • Black
  • Charcoal wash
  • Light wash
  • Grey wash

I also went with the tailored fit, which is right in the middle between regular and slim fit. Dearborn Denim also carries a boot cut and a relaxed fit for men and a skinny high rise, straight leg, boot cut, waist high, and a few other custom styles for women.

What is also really refreshing is that Dearborn Denim tells you exactly where each material is sourced from on each of their product pages for everything from the cotton used in the jeans to the zipper, button, and leather patch. You won’t get that kind of transparency from some of the big jeans brands.