Headquarters: Lucas, OH

States manufacturing in: OH


BrilliantK9 offers a massive selection of custom-crafted leashes and harnesses for different dog types. These products are built from durable materials and designed to last well over time.

Teri Jaymes founded BrilliantK9 in 2012 as a dog enthusiast dissatisfied with the current equipment on the market. After consulting with professionals in the field, including veterinarians, canine massage therapists, veterinary chiropractors, professional dog trainers, and even rehabilitation specialists, she came up with a solution: an ergonomic harness.

Unlike many competitor harnesses, the design of the ergonomic harness wouldn’t just be comfortable or durable. It would also fight against the dog’s instinct to put its head down and pull while wearing a harness.

Regular harnesses and collars with leashes can put pressure on the cervical spine, the larynx, the trachea, and other sensitive parts of your dog. Dogs with windpipe conditions or health issues can suffer injuries if they pull and a collar or harness compresses and tightens around them.

BrilliantK9 structured their harness to be comfortable and safe for dogs with medical conditions like spinal or airway issues. The comfortable design also prevents problems in healthy dogs that tight constriction from collars and harnesses can cause.

BrilliantK9 harnesses also have safety features such as reflective trim, a quick-grab handle, and the ability to attach a seat belt adapter for safer car transportation. The harness comes in many colors and pattern designs and can also be custom-made for special circumstances.

The company wanted to provide more options for any dog owner but especially those dealing with stubborn dogs or puppies still in training. BrilliantK9 is stationed in Lucas, Ohio, and ensures all their BrilliantK9 gear is made in the US.

Featured BrilliantK9 Gear Products Made in the USA

BrilliantK9 Gear dog harness: Buying a dog harness from BrilliantK9 couldn’t be simpler. First off, you pick the size. There are over 25 fully adjustable sizes to pick from and it’s really easy to get started with their handy size guidance. This ensures no dog will be uncomfortable or have any rubbing. Having a harness based on the ribcage also ensures there’s no pressure on the dog’s head or neck and allows their spine to be in alignment and for them to walk at their natural gait. 

Service dog harness: Keeping a service dog comfortable needs to be a top priority considering the long hours they spend working in their harness. These service dog harnesses are handmade to be incredibly comfortable but also stand the test of time. It can be used as an evaporative cooler on hot days by adding water. They have a buckle designed for one-hand operation and have two removable side packs for easy documentation. They also come with two patches (‘service dog’ and ‘do not pet’), a utility loop for a mini flashlight or poop bags, and are trimmed in retro-reflective material. 

Medical dog lift harness: Working with Veterinary Surgeon and Speciality Leader at MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers for Pets, Dr. Matthew D. Barnhart, BrilliantK9 developed this medical dog lift harness, designed to help dogs after surgery or older dogs. With two options of support at the front or support at the back, your dog’s ribcage is fully supported and is rounded at the back to keep their posture correct, too. Its velcro feature means it’s quick and easy to get on and off and can be used for walking your dog after they’ve recovered from surgery. 

Manufacturing Notes

BrilliantK9 spotted a gap in the market to create an ergonomic, comfortable dog harness that has health and safety for the animals at its heart. After consulting with many specialists in the field, they’ve created something that fits the bill as evidenced by their glowing customer reviews. 

All of their harness orders are assembled and hand-sewn at the BrilliantK9 factory in Lucas, Ohio, meaning that orders typically take 10-15 days to prepare. Their personal touch to the harnesses is evident in that you can get them to custom-make a harness out of a material of your choice. This is often common with those in the military creating dog harnesses out of their uniform. 

Though these harnesses are designed for all dogs, they are particularly great for dogs with medical conditions as it encourages correct alignment and won’t restrict them in any way. It’s also great for users with mobility issues as it features a quick-release lock which can be helpful for those with service dogs. 

Though they expect the harness to last the lifetime of your dog, they also offer a 7-year guarantee which is great for peace of mind. 

BrilliantK9 take their products very seriously and are clearly proud to be made in the USA. If you’re looking for a durable, ergonomic harness designed to fit your dog perfectly, then be sure to check out BrilliantK9.