Made in Nebraska

Nebraska is one of the biggest agriculture states in the U.S., producing corn, wheat, beans, and several other important crops (and livestock). Agriculture only employs about 10% of the Nebraska workforce though. The rest of the population works in petroleum/natural resources, manufacturing, and various services industries. In terms of manufacturing, the Platte valley has been a hotbed of growth lately with lots of activity in machinery, chemicals, and durable goods production. Below are all the companies in our directory that are made in Nebraska. If you know of companies that should be added, send them over and we’ll verify their manufacturing footprint through our certification process.

Nebraska Made Companies in Our Directory

M Grills




Future Foam

Suppliers & Manufacturing Partners

Briggs & Stratton

Tools and Work Equipment




Sports and Outdoors


Tools and Work Equipment

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Mike leads research on the team, writes, and manages the YouTube channel. He’s been buying products made in the USA for as long as he can remember. It’s in his blood, growing up working in American manufacturing.