New Balance Continues to Release New MADE in USA Designs

When it comes to apparel fads, footwear takes the cake. Crossing age, gender, and even style boundaries, everyone wears shoes, and everyone likes wearing good shoes. Not only is New Balance keen on this information, but they also capitalize on it. The brand has just dropped its MADE in USA Spring/Summer 2024 collection this month. 

About New Balance

Founded in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts, New Balance has remained an independent brand for over 115 years. In its early days, founder William J. Riley marketed the company as an arch support supplier. In the 1950s, they made history with a running shoe called the “Trackster,” which was the first track shoe to come in multiple widths. 

The New Balance brand has aged well. What used to be the dated sneakers your father wore are now the eye-catching footwear of the modern generation. They’ve managed to seamlessly intertwine the current draw to vintage design with the appreciation of a modern palette and construction. Additionally, New Balance has retained its foothold in American manufacturing, a huge selling point among today’s consumers. 

Domestic Manufacturing

The first MADE in USA collection rolled out over 75 years ago. According to the company, New Balance is the only major footwear brand with this level of domestic operations. New Balance constructs over 4 million pairs per year here in America and prioritizes purchasing from domestic suppliers. 

The company owns five local facilities in Maine and Massachusetts, where it employs around 1,300 workers. Its most recent factory acquisition in Methuen, Massachusetts, was made in 2022. 

In 2023, they invested $65 million to expand their factory in Skowhegan, Maine. This expansion, completed by the end of this year, will add another 200 jobs to the local economy. 

Alongside the MADE in USA collection, the brand also features a MADE in UK collection, which debuted in 1982, marketed towards their European consumers. The England factory is located in Flimby, United Kingdom. 

The MADE in USA Collection

New Balance defines MADE in USA as having “a domestic value of 70% or more, “these shoes are “designed without compromise and constructed with authentic American craftsmanship.”

The new 2024 collection made its debut this month. The lineup features shoes with a vintage yet modern appeal. Models include the 990 series, 993, 996, and more. As is typical in the brand’s aesthetic, neutral undertones make up a majority of the color options, while a few unique tones jump in, too. 

Among the designs, which will be staggered from Spring to Summer, are 13 new colorways painted on classic New Balance shoe models. The new hues include Grey Matter, Maize, Chive, Winter Fog, Sea Salt, and more. The fits are mostly unisex and made of suede and mesh. 

The Prosperous Future of American Made

The MADE in USA collection is so popular that that each design is limited to one pair per order. New Balance claims these shoes are their very best, and the price tag reflects that, ranging from $200 to 220 USD. Among their other standard options (not made in America), prices range from $89 and up. 

From their consistent efforts to expand their domestic manufacturing, it’s clear that New Balance’s MADE in USA line is here to stay. Keep your eye out for the new line, which will roll out until Summer 2024.

Image credit: New Balance

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