Guild Guitars Releases New USA Made Standard Series

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Guild Guitar Company has launched a set of all-new Made in the USA acoustic models to their lineup. The company is based out of Oxnard, California. Here, they not only perform their corporate business doings but also hand-build their American guitars. 

Guild released the Standard Series in August 2023 to enhance their offerings of acoustic guitars. With these new instruments, the goal was to create a “no frills, boutique quality USA-made acoustic with a modern build and vintage sound.” 

Behind Guild Guitars

It’s a few decades shy of 100 years since the Guild Guitar Company went into business. The founder, Alfred Dronge, owned a music store and decided to venture further into making his own instruments. The brand exchanged hands a few times and was purchased by Fender in 1995.

During this era, Guild’s US-made guitars were produced out of a small factory in Connecticut. But in 2014, Fender was preparing to shut down production and sell the Guild brand. It was purchased by Cordoba Music Group, and American production was reconsidered. 

Guild built its own factory in Southern California near their headquarters in Oxnard. It’s here where expert builders are manufacturing the new Standard Series. Guild also sells electric guitars, basses, and more. Not all of their products are made in the US, as some cheaper guitar models are imported from Asia. 

Over the years, the company has seen a lot of hands, moved across the country, and been built all over the map. All that has led to this much anticipated release of Guild’s all American made Standard Series lineup. 

The New USA Made Line

The new Standard Series comes in three models, which are each available in two separate finishes. Among the choices of finishes is the new Pacific Sunset Burst, another fresh launch from the company. On top of the three color choices comes the final satin-like lacquer, named Vintage Gloss. 

This final finishing touch is one of the signature elements of the Standard Series and nods back to Guild’s original intention with the release, “modern build, vintage sound.

Constructed with a Sitka Spruce top, Adirondack Spruce bracing, and Indian rosewood fingerboards, these guitars are indeed high quality. In fact, they’re nearly top of the line for Guild’s entire collection. 

Among their entire lineup, Guild offers 29 American made acoustic guitar options, including the Standard Series. Aside from those, there are also Acoustic-Electric, Concert, Jumbo, and other Dreadnought models. 

Then to Now

Guild boasts a rich and storied history of famed players like Mississippi John Hurt, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Tom Petty, and more. Their guitars have seen rock, jazz, blues, country, and every music genre in between. 

Yes, they play as strikingly as they look. Guild has their own sample videos online to get an idea of the sound that can come from these American made guitars. And if you want to start strumming your own chord, you can visit an Authorized Guild Dealer to start making music.

Photo credit: Guild Guitars

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