Cosentino Opens Its First US-based Manufacturing Facility

The growth of American manufacturing continues upward with a new announcement from the Cosentino Group, a Spain-based architectural material producer. The firm reported that it will be establishing its first US-based manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Florida, no later than 2025. 

Cosentino Business

Cosentino is headquartered out of Almeria, Spain. Founded in 1980 by the three brothers Cosentino, the company remains a family-owned business to this day. They produce goods such as granite counters and surface materials and conduct design tasks. Their innovative and sustainable practices can use 99% reused water and 100% renewable energy with zero wastewater and recycling of raw materials. 

The company found great success and has been operating in the United States for over 25 years. North American markets account for 60% of their total business, and in 2022, total sales amounted to nearly $2 billion. 

Cosentino’s primary locale of operation is at their Industrial Park facility in Almeria, Spain. However, they do own only one other manufacturing facility outside of Spain. This plant is located in Vitoria, Brazil, and is the primary source for granite surfaces. 

Yet, the location of their main customer base is in North America, so the company knew they had to move a little closer. Although there are no other manufacturing sites in the US, Cosentino has offices in the States. They currently employ over 1,400 in America. Corporate offices are located across the nation, including Miami, which is close to the location of the new manufacturing facility. 

The Florida Factory

The decision to erect a manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Florida, came down to strategy. With North America being Cosentino’s largest market, beginning production where products will ultimately be distributed made sense. 

Originally, the company considered sites in Georgia and Texas as well. Florida won out due to the ease of port and rail access for delivering raw materials. A site of 330 acres was chosen near the Port of Jacksonville and Interstate 10. 

Currently, Cosentino is planning on constructing specific products from the Florida factory. These models will include Silestone and Dekton surface materials, though they may whittle down to just one instead of two at the start. In the long run, Cosentino hopes to be able to manufacture any of their four main surface compositions from the Florida factory. 

Building is estimated to be initiated by 2025 and completed by 2028. Cosentino will invest around $270 million in constructing and developing the plant and will hire around 180 new employees at the site. 

Spanish Roots, American Dream

The company may have originated in Spain, but they’re adjusting well to American identity. Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino Americas and EVP of Global Sales, says, “We’re a Spanish-owned family business, but we feel like an American company. This is important. It’s not just about how well the business is doing here, but about investing in the community.” 

Being an American company is about investing in the community. After the manufacturing site is up and running, Cosentino wants to keep the momentum and open new service centers and showrooms. This commitment to American business will certainly bring new jobs and boost the economy for the city of Jacksonville.

Image credit: Cosentino Group

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