Channellock Tool Company Expands USA-Made Lineup

An American tool company, Channellock Inc., has announced an epic expansion of their American-made products. Previously only offering US-made pliers, the brand has greatly increased their offerings to now include a wide variety of items. 

With rising demand for American-made goods, including hand tools, Channellock takes a bold step to improve their lineup of Made in the USA products. This new launch is the largest ever in the history of the brand. Read on to discover the American history of Channellock and where this new product launch will lead. 

The History of Channellock

America itself was barely 100 years old when Channellock was founded. In the year 1886, a Pennsylvanian blacksmith by the name of George B. DeArment began pedaling his hand-forged horse care tools by carriage. Less than 20 years later, the company moved into a building in Meadville, PA, and expanded to other hand tools, beginning a path of gradual growth. 

The company’s lineage established solid moral foundations. Their guiding principles were set in place by DeArment himself and are as follows:

  • Good management is never far from the factory floor
  • People are more important than machines
  • Bigger doesn’t always mean better
  • Dedication to excellence is the surest way to surmount adversity and to prosper

In 1933 the iconic Channellock pliers were developed, and their raging popularity led them to become the brand’s namesake 30 years later. This is a company that clearly recognizes success and responds to the needs of their consumers. 

Not one to abandon their roots, Channellock is still based out of Meadville, Pennsylvania, today. They employ over 350 folks right here on American soil and produce over 75 different models of pliers. According to the company, “it’s not the easiest way but it’s the CHANNELLOCK way, Meadville way, and American way.”

The Future of Channellock

Channellock continues to manufacture their pliers in America, from the raw steel to the packaging. All materials are sourced from American suppliers. Beyond pliers, though, not every product sold by Channellock is US-made. But that is changing. 

In the recent August 2023 announcement by the company’s president and fifth generation founder, Jon DeArment, Channellock is expanding their selection of US-made products. This will include a wide variety of offerings like screwdrivers, pry bars, tote bags, gear packs, and more. 

Upon the announcement, Jon DeArment emphasized the company’s value in American made goods, saying, “Our goal is to manufacture everything we can here in Meadville. If that’s not possible, then we do our best to source it elsewhere in the U.S. We only look to other countries if our domestic suppliers can’t meet our rigorous quality standards.”

Channellock seems to take this effort seriously with their expansion of products from the Meadville facility. After adding to the US-made lineup, the company now offers over 175 products made here in America. 

In an era where most consumers want products Made in the USA, Channellock is making the right move. It’s clear that they remain committed to their founding guidelines of valuing people and pursuing quality.

Image credit: Channellock

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