Dog Vitamins and Supplements Made in the USA

Whether you are treating a current condition or taking more preventative measures for your pup, the right supplements can help your dog live a healthier lifestyle. Choosing the right supplements can be a tough task, though. We dug to find all of the dog vitamins and supplements made in the USA. Our findings are below. And please remember to check with your vet before giving your dog vitamins or supplements!

Complete List of Dog Vitamins and Supplement Brands Made in the USA

Health Extension

Headquarters: Hauppauge, NY


Health Extension is a great manufacturer of pet food, treats, and supplements for dogs and cats. They are extremely transparent about their suppliers and tell you where every ingredient is sourced from (mostly from US farms and suppliers). They have supplements for hip and joint mobility, healthy skin, stress relief, digestive function, and a multivitamin. Use our code ALLAMERICANORG for 5% off your order.

Natural Dog Company

Headquarters: Loveland, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

The founder of Natural Dog Company needed to change her lifestyle to be toxin-free and all-natural following some health issues. From this, she studied at college and became a Nutrition Consultant and Master Herbalist. This holistic healing journey led to her creating 100% natural solutions for animals, something she’s always been passionate about. The Natural Dog Company now sells quality solutions for dogs of any age, breed, size, or gender.

The multivitamin supplement from Natural Dog Company is an excellent option for almost any dog breed at any life stage. It’s manufactured in Marble Falls, Texas, at FDA-certified facilities, and licensed veterinarians approve all of its formulas. This multivitamin formula, in particular, contains 35 organic vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that promote healthy living and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients like grain, soy, or corn. Ingredients like organic turmeric (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant), cod liver oil (skin, coat, arthritis), and coenzyme Q10 (supports cardiovascular system) are all great for your dog’s health. They have a complete list of ingredients on each product page of their site. They also put some flavor in their tablets (such as duck and sweet potato), making it a lot easier when trying to get your dog to take their daily dose. These vitamins can also be crumbled up and sprinkled into food if your dog still won’t take them.

Their products are categorized as seasonal allergies, skin irritation, dry paks, joint pain, and overall wellness. You can also save more on these products if you subscribe to receive them more regularly.

Rockwell Pets

Headquarters: Gardena, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Rockwell Pets has a couple vitamins and supplements for dogs – a probiotic and a multivitamin. They source some ingredients internationally, but assemble everything here and source primary ingredients domestically.

Use our discount code ALLAMERICAN to get 15% off your entire order.


Headquarters: Oregon

States manufacturing in: OR

Waggedy looked to create vitamins and supplements that were pure and honest so that people could know what exactly they were giving to their dogs. Working at their GMP-certified and NSF-certified facility in Oregon, Waggedy makes its products without palm oil or grains and packages them in BPA-free jars.

Waggedy’s product range includes supplements for hips and joints, calming, daily essentials for adults, daily essentials for puppies, daily essentials for senior dogs, and omega max (for healthy skin and a glossy coat). These products are formulated by veterinarians and tested by 3rd parties for extra safety and transparency. Waggedy’s supplements also come in different flavors and are designed to be easy to swallow and digest.

Pet Honesty

Headquarters: Austin, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

PetHonesty has a wide range of soft chew vitamins and supplements for dogs. These are broken down into allergy, joint health, digestion, overall health, skin and coat, and anxiety and calming. Then within these categories, there’s a large number to choose from, depending on your dog’s age, breed, and specific needs. There’s also a multitude of flavors too.

They make their supplements using a unique no-heat cooking method to ensure that none of the ingredients lose their original nutritional value. Everything is manufactured from their facility in the USA, including production, packaging, and the end product. However, it’s worth noting that they source their ingredients from the US and globally.

PetHonesty is fully GMP compliant, FDA-registered, and SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 3 certified, the highest standard a production facility can obtain in pet product production. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Vet’s Best

Headquarters: Chesterfield, MO

States manufacturing in: MO

Vet’s Best has been manufacturing vet-formulated supplements for over 35 years. Their range of supplements comes in tasty soft chews and chewable tablets, and they cover multivitamins, skin and coat, probiotics, seasonal allergy, hip and joint, calming, gas buster tablets, aches and paints, and coat shed and itch tablets.

Their products aren’t flavored but are packed with essential vitamins and supplements your dog needs and also contain natural ingredients such as ocean kelp. Vet’s Best carries the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) seal of quality.

Plano Paws

Headquarters: Plano, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Plano Paws has a good selection of hip/joint, calming, and omega-3 supplements for dogs. Note that they use some imported ingredients, much like the other brands on our list (it’s really tough to find 100% US-sourced supplements). They prioritize the safety and effectiveness of their supplements, though, and have great reviews from customers.

All American Canine

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

All American Canine is a dog supplement brand that specifically supports hunting dogs, or as they put them, “canine athletes.” They have formulas for hip and joint support, probiotic gut support, and weight gainer. They also offer a nice paw balm.

How To Find Dog Supplements Made in the USA

Finding dog supplements made in the USA is a great way to ensure that your pup gets the best of what America offers. Not only is it great to support American businesses, but it also means that you know exactly what you’re giving to your pet and can trust the quality of the products.

Here is what you need to know about finding US-made dog supplements.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

When a product has the “made in the USA” label, “all or virtually all” of the components used to make the product should be made domestically. While the components don’t need to be sourced from a single state, they should all be produced in the United States.

So, for dog supplements, this means that the vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other ingredients in the supplement must be grown or produced in America. Check our detailed “made in the USA” labeling guide for more information.


To ensure that the product is genuinely made in the USA, you should look for supplements sourced from American-grown ingredients.

You should check the ingredient list and source of each component, as some may not actually be domestic. For example, if you are looking for glucosamine, you should ensure that the source of the glucosamine is a US-based supplier. The same goes for other ingredients in the supplement, like complex carbohydrates and proteins.

Natural Local Ingredients

Another thing to consider when selecting US-made dog supplements is whether the ingredients are natural and locally sourced. Natural ingredients are not only better for your pup’s health, but they are also more likely to be sourced from the US.

For supplements made in the USA, look for natural ingredients easily sourced from American farms and ranches, like hemp seed, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, blueberries, and turmeric.

Also, avoid supplements made with artificial ingredients or additives and preservatives, as these are usually sourced from overseas.


The USA has some of the best sources of quality protein for your pup. High-quality proteins like chicken and fish provide essential amino acids for muscle development and healthy skin, coat, and nails.

Chicken and fish are easily sourced in the USA and make great additions to supplements made in the country. On the other hand, lamb and beef are also excellent sources of protein, but these may not always be sourced within the country and are often imported from New Zealand or Australia.


When shopping for American made dog supplements, make sure to read the label. It should clearly state that the product is made in the USA or that all ingredients are grown and sourced domestically.

According to Title 19, Chapter 4, Section 1304 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations, all products made abroad must be labeled as such. This legislation helps us weed out any foreign-made products. When looking for American-made dog supplements, looks specifically for the “made in the USA” label, which is protected by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Before we get into the “watch outs,” it’s important to note that there is no pre-approval process for the “made in the USA” label, so there may be false usage of the label. If you come across a company that uses this protected label misleadingly, report them to the FTC.

Beware of false and misleading language. Many labels may feature similar phrases, such as “produced in the USA, “manufactured in the USA,” or “packaged in the USA.” None of these phrases actually mean that the product is made in the USA with US ingredients.

Another misleading term is “made in America,” which can refer to either Canada or Mexico. One last thing to watch out for on labels is the use of signs like the American flag, which doesn’t guarantee that the product is actually made in the USA. 

Other Tips

In addition to looking for locally sourced natural ingredients and reading labels, there are many other ways to ensure you’re buying US-made products.

Check The Company’s Website

Specifically, check out the company’s “About Us” page. If the company’s products are genuinely made in the USA, they would not be shy about this fact. It should be loudly advertised as it is a huge selling point.

On the other hand, if the product is made abroad or made with foreign ingredients, you may not find any information regarding the country of origin. This is because companies are not required to state the country of origin regarding online or promotional materials.

Ask for Recommendations

If you’re unsure where to start, ask your friends and family for recommendations. They may be able to point you in the right direction or have some insight into which companies are producing the best US-made products. 

Your vet is another excellent resource for finding “made in USA” supplements for your pup.

Check Social Media

Social media is also a great place to look for USA-made products. Many companies use social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to advertise their products, so look around and see if they are sourcing and producing domestically.

Call The Company

Finally, if you still aren’t sure, simply call the company. A representative should be able to answer your questions or at least point you in the right direction.

Dog Vitamins and Supplements Not Made in the USA

When doing our research, it was great to see that the majority of big dog vitamin and supplement brands are making their products in the USA. We didn’t come across too many that weren’t. However, we’ve included a full list below of those who aren’t making their dog vitamins and supplements in the USA as well as those who source their ingredients globally.

Dog Vitamins and Supplements Made in the USA using Globally-Sourced Ingredients:

  • VetriScience
  • NaturVet
  • Zesty Paws
  • Pet Naturals

Dog Vitamins and Supplements Not Made in the USA:

  • Virbac – Made in France, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, and Vietnam
  • Nusentia – Made in the USA and Norway
  • Nordic Naturals – Fish oil made in Norway, gummy products made in the USA

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