Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA

States manufacturing in: PA


This multi-generational, family-owned and operated business has been servicing the commercial baking industry since 1959. Founded by the two brothers, John and Russell Bundy, their aim was to make bakeware that you could rely on and use every day that matched the same quality and heavy-duty features that professional chefs and bakers use.

Regardless of cooking abilities, PAN USA wanted to create cookware for home use that exceeded industry standards for innovation, quality, and durability. In 2009, the company also introduced its USA PAN bakeware range. 

Based in Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA PAN now has an extensive range of bakeware, cookware, and stoneware that will last a lifetime in your kitchen.

Featured USA PAN Products Made in the USA

8 Inch Chef Skillet: This 5-ply stainless steel skillet is safe and capable for use on electric, gas, halogen, and ceramic glass cookers. It features an easy-pour rim and vapor seal cover, designed to lock in smells and flavor whilst ensuring there are no spillages or grease coming out. This 8-inch chef skillet is energy efficient and resistant to warping, designed to last a lifetime. 

Nonstick Rectangular Bake Stone: This baking stone is entirely handcrafted in the USA, using clay mined from Tennessee by American miners to create artisan stoneware. Finished with AMERICOAT PTFE-free and PFOA-free nonstick silicone coating, it’s hand-inspected to ensure it’s up to USA PAN’s high standards. There’s no need for greasing or cooking spray, as this pan has superior heat conductivity, providing quick food release and easy cleaning. 

Six-Piece Bakeware Set: Designed to match the standards used in commercial bakeries, this six-piece bakeware set is made from aluminized steel with AMERICOAT non-stick silicone coating. These bakeware pieces are created with a unique fluted design that resists warping, maximizes pan strength, and allows bakers to create goods that bake perfectly evenly. Home bakers can create professional baked goods with this high-quality set thanks to PAN USA’s limited lifetime warranty too. 

Manufacturing Notes

USA PAN is the epitome of American craftsmanship. All of their materials are sourced from responsible locations, and everything they make is hand-crafted here in the USA by the most talented individuals. USA PAN leads the commercial baking industry because of its high-performance products and reputation for excellence.

Most of USA PAN’s products are manufactured from their factory in Pennysylvania, however, they do stock some items that are sourced from overseas. They’re transparent on each product page of their website which products are entirely made in the USA, which are made in the USA from imported materials, and which are completely imported. 

The majority of their products are handmade in the USA using imported materials. Their stoneware range is entirely handcrafted in the USA, using clay from Tennessee mines and only a small selection of products are imported, like their racks and their baking mats. 

USA PAN’s commitment to creating quality bakeware is evident by their FDA-approved nonstick silicone coating which is used on the majority of their products. It’s PTFE and PFOA-free, allowing for easy-release baking and quick clean-up times. 

All of the products you purchase from USA PAN come hand polished to a beautiful shine, which offers an exceptional appearance on the stove and in your cabinets. This company provides the highest level of quality in their products, and they have for the past 50 years.

Another reason we recommend choosing USA PAN is for the quality compared to the price of these products. You’re getting an amazing set of kitchen gear that professional pastry chefs use in their kitchens. They don’t charge as you would expect for professional cookware.