Halo Pets

Halo Pets

Headquarters: Tampa, FL

States manufacturing in: FL


Halo Pets (formerly TruDog) develops dog food from free-ranging, Wisconsin grass-fed USDA beef, meaty bones, and whole organ meats. TruDog’s freeze-dried raw food and treats preserve all the benefits your dog may need to stay healthy through minimal processing and incorporating plenty of healthy protein. Many of their treats are made of single ingredients, without grains or fillers, and sourced and made in the USA.

As of July, TruDog has become a proud member of the Halo Pets family, a company committed to making the world’s best food for pets. Since that transition, we received an update from their team about their ingredients sourcing.

Halo meat, poultry, and fish proteins are sourced from the US, Canada, or New Zealand. Vegetables, grains, legumes, and fruits are sourced from the United States, Canada, South America, or Europe. So, they now have some internationally sourced ingredients, but still source a few from the US and cook all their recipes here.