Headquarters: Seattle, WA

States manufacturing in: WA


Tarptent got started in 1999 when Henry Shires wanted a simple and lightweight tent to take on his hike through the Pacific Crest Trail. He couldn’t find anything he really liked, so he built his own tent and published the plans online. After some improvements to the original model and input from his wife Cynthia, Tarptent was officially born in 2002.

Demand was through the roof and before you know it they had their first full-time employee in 2010 (they’ve grown significantly since then), moved sewing to Seattle, and set up the rest of their operation in Nevada City, California.

Today, Tarptent has nearly 20 different tent models to choose from that sleep anywhere from a single person to the Hogback, which sleeps 4 people. They are all about being ultralight, mobile, and of course keeping you dry.

Outside of just the tents, Tarptent also sells a lot of accessories, parts, and services for their tent owners. For example, when you buy your tent they can seam seal it for you. They even do minor and major repairs for $30-50, or you can pick up a repair kit for even cheaper.