Rolling Sands

Rolling Sands

Headquarters: Melbourne, FL

States manufacturing in: FL


Rolling Sands offers a high-quality set of water bottles that are ideal for bulk purchases because they’re affordable and leak-free. These tough BPA-free water bottles come in six different color finishes and come 10 to a pack. The bottles have a squeezable design and deliver a stream of water without denting when squeezing them.

Rolling Sands is a family-owned supplier of quality drinkware, serveware, and home party products. The company, based in the United States, focuses on eco-friendly, sustainable items. 

They offer BPA-free reusable sports water bottles, but also other drinkware, including fast flow push and pull lids, squeeze gripper water bottles, beer glasses, kids cups, caps, and other reusable cups.

Rolling Sands prides itself on not being a big faceless corporation but instead offering customers individual service with a team that is knowledgeable about its products. They offer competitive prices and aim to accommodate all budget levels by offering bulk packages on some of their products. 

They provide a personalized service to deliver the ideal product for your needs. You can work with the same Rolling Sands team member if you prefer. The company is also transparent with its shipping and other charges, so there will not be any hidden fees to surprise you.

Our Favorite Rolling Sands Products Made in the USA

Water bottles: These reusable, BPA-free plastic drink bottles are great for a multitude of occasions. From everyday use to sport, to travel. These water bottles are available in multiple sizes and color options, as well as the option to have a plain bottle and colored lid. Sold in its basic form and undecorated, it gives the user the chance to personalize with logos or write on the side of them. They can also be bought in bulk, making them ideal for schools, sports teams, or event giveaways.

Cups and tumblers: The options available for Rolling Sands’ BPA-free reusable plastic cups and tumblers make them ideal for a number of events. Sold in a range of sizes, and colors and with different lid types, and with the option of bulk buying, these cups and tumblers can be used for large gatherings, parties, events, at the poolside, or just at home. 

Serveware: Rolling Sands’ serveware products include a BPA-free plastic snack and dip bowl which features a circular bowl for your dip and curved around it, a bigger bowl for your snacks. To be used both indoors and outdoors, it’s perfect for just using yourself or for kids’ birthday parties, holiday parties, and Super Bowl parties. They also sell Imperfect Mexican Bottle Ponchos – a fun, quirky accessory that will for sure be a talking point at any party. These are Mexican-themed serape ponchos that cover the neck of beer, soft drink, and condiment bottles. 

Manufacturing Notes

Rolling Sands doesn’t give out too much information about its manufacturing site, process, team, or where materials are sourced from.

They state regularly across their site that they have a focus on creating USA-made products, but that’s about it. Their company address is listed as Melbourne, Florida, however, this is about all the information they provide on the manufacturing side of things.

The majority of their products are listed as ‘Made in the USA’ except for their Imperfect Mexican Bottle Ponchos which are listed as being made in Mexico and their straws which are listed as ‘imported’. All of their polypropylene plastic products are BPA-free and made with FDA-approved materials. They’re also lead-free, R4040/CPSIA Certified, CA Prop 65 compliant, and recyclable.

The company is proud to offer environmentally friendly initiatives, like its “We Care” Green Policy. Rolling Sands sources products made with non-toxic materials are that made from sustainable, renewable sources and operates its business as sustainably as possible. They have schemes for recycling cardboard boxes, reducing their packaging waste, and reusing materials. 

If you’re looking for USA-made BPA-free plastic drinkware and serveware then Rolling Sands might a good option for you. With personalized customer service and options for bulk buying products, you could easily stock up for the next party or sports team away day at a decent price with Rolling Sands. With a multitude of colors, sizes, and the ability to customize at home, you’re bound to find a reusable plastic product for your needs here.