Rogue Industries

Rogue Industries

Headquarters: Portland, ME

States manufacturing in: ME


Rogue Industries sells a wide variety of leather goods online at their shop on the outskirts of Portland, Maine, and at over 500 stores across the US. They have expanded their small, family-owned business and now offer a full range of leather products, including briefcases, totes, and duffel bags.

Founded by Michael Lyons in 2007 in Portland, Maine, Rogue Industries specializes in producing premium leather goods. Michael founded the company to create a solution to the design of traditional wallets, which he found bulky and believed contributed to his lower back pain.

When he started Rogue Industries, Michael had no background in making leather products. However, this lack of experience didn’t stop him. After learning about leather and design, he patented two front pocket wallet designs shaped to fit the front pockets’ contours. Friends, family, and strangers tested the products, finding them more comfortable than other wallets.

With the positive feedback in hand, Michael and his son designed the company’s website and developed a marketing strategy. They traveled to trade shows with their uniquely designed wallet, which marked the beginning of Rogue Industries. A short time later, they were in business.

Today, Rogue Industries sells a wide variety of leather goods online at their shop on the outskirts of Portland, Maine, and at over 500 stores across the US. They have expanded their small, family-owned business and now offer a full range of leather products, including briefcases, totes, and duffel bags.

The press has even caught wind of Rogue Industries’ innovative front wallets, with the company being featured in the Denver Post, Forbes, and The Boston Globe, among others. The overwhelming consensus is that these wallets live up to expectations.

Rogue Industries’ values include making great products, operating their business with integrity, having fun, and doing many good things. Their values extend to their community, supporting asylum seekers trying to escape violence and persecution by coming to the US. They also contribute to initiatives to end homelessness among veterans, doctors treating children in conflict zones overseas, and their local land trust. 

Featured Rogue Industries Products Made in the USA

Rogue Front Pocket Wallet – Classic Made in Maine Edition: The product that started it all. Despite being super slimline and lightweight, with a curved edge so that it fits snuggly in your front pocket, this wallet can hold a whopping 12 cards. It also has a billfold section and stash pocket. There’s an option to get a wallet that holds 6 cards and has an ID window too. The Rogue Front Pocket Wallet is made from premium-grade top grain leather and has RFID-blocking, maximizing its safety design features. 

The Minimalist wallet: The newest wallet from Rogue Industries is a truly minimalist design. With just two pockets, it can either fit cash and three cards or no paper money and six cards, depending on what you prefer to carry around with you. Featuring the classic curved shape of the Rogue wallet, you can get this wallet in either brown or black bison leather. 

Fore Street tote bag: One of the few tote bags that Rogue Industries offers, the Fore Street tote bag is entirely made from genuine full-grain bison leather. Available in a variety of colors, this bag is perfect for every day of the year. Its size means it’s functional for most occasions, its design means you can wear it to work or for socializing, and its leather material means it’ll hold up day after day. 

Manufacturing Notes

Most of Rogue Industries’ products are manufactured at their Standish site in Maine. These are clearly listed on their website and are even helpfully categorized under a ‘Made in Maine’ tab. There’s also a ‘Made in the USA’ category under ‘All Collections’, which lists all of the products made in the USA. 

They state on their FAQ page that products not in the ‘Made in Maine’ category are not necessarily made in the USA. However, looking at their product pages, it seems like very few products aren’t American-made. All we could find is that they use Canadian moose and Icelandic salmon as leather and that some of their leather products are tanned in Mexico. 

They’re quite transparent about materials used on their product pages and where these were sourced, though seem more explicit about the American-made products than ones that aren’t. For example, some items are listed as ‘hand-stitched in Maine’, but not where the material is sourced or where it’s manufactured. Other items are listed as ‘Made in America’ with no more information. 

However, some products list the details of their material which is very interesting. For example, the Football Leather Front Pocket Wallet is made from genuine football leather from Horween Tannery in Chicago, Illinois.

Rogue Industries looks to source as much of its materials from America as possible and takes pride in this. They also have a commitment to sustainability. Their factory (which doesn’t at all look like a factory but more like a country storefront) has a solar-paneled roof that powers a full 82% of Rogue’s energy needs.

Their leather products are sourced from free-range bison from the American West that is responsibly harvested. With this high-quality leather, they expect their products to last years, offering a 2-year guarantee with all Rogue purchases. 

In addition, their international partners are all selected on the basis of ‘their commitment to environmental practices, fair labor standards, and fair wages’. 

Rogue Industries appear proud to predominantly sell products that are made in Maine. It seems like they strive to ensure most of their items are manufactured in the USA with American-made materials. Though some products may not be made in the USA, it’s clear that they have a commitment to quality, sustainability, and contributing to some great causes which is a fantastic business to support.