Natural Balance

Natural Balance

Headquarters: San Diego, CA

States manufacturing in: CA


Natural Balance is an American cat food manufacturer that focuses on making food that is great for cats with sensitive stomachs. They have limited ingredients in most of their recipes, and a lot of the ingredients come from US suppliers. However, they recently changed ownership and have started outsourcing some production.

Their Natural Balance Dry, Canned, Biscuits, Stix, Stews, and Platefulls Pouched products are manufactured in the United States. The Reward Minis are manufactured in Canada.

Due to a supply chain disruption, most of their Canned Cat Recipes were temporarily shifted to Thailand, but they’re now shifting a number of them back. There is also remaining stock from previous US runs.

The easiest way to check to see if the product was made in Thailand or the US is to look for the lot code, which is normally found on the bottom of the can, under the best-by date. The code for Thailand is 455. If you are only seeing 455 in your area, give it a month or two, and depending on the recipe, you should start to see others.