Headquarters: Jacksonville Beach, FL

States manufacturing in: FL


Starting with bottoms, GORUCK makes some of our favorite shorts and other activewear right here in the USA. All of their apparel is really well constructed and is going to last you a long time.

GORUCK got started in 2008 by the dynamic duo of Jason and Emily McCarthy. Jason, a Special Forces veteran, and Emily, a former member of the CIA, set out with one goal in mind – build the toughest rucksack the world has ever seen.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of rucking, it is just the practice of walking with weight, born out of the military tradition of the loaded march, heading from one spot to another with all of your gear. That concept obviously has a lot of parallels to the backpacking and travel community and has also made its way into the workout community as well, especially folks who are really into CrossFit and doing weighted vest or pack exercises.

Anyways, GORUCK started with the indestructible pack and has blown up from there, producing everything from rucksacks to sandbags, footwear, and all kinds of apparel (which is what we are focusing on today).

There is a huge community around GORUCK too. They hold regular events led by Special Forces combat veterans, have tons of GORUCK clubs around the country, and have a great blog and podcast where they talk about leadership, service, and highlight stories from amazing individuals.