Headquarters: Appleton, WI

States manufacturing in: WI


BenShot has a bunch of different glass sizes and a lot of different objects “puncturing” the side of the glass like golf balls, hockey pucks, and more.

BenShot is a family-owned company based in rural Wisconsin, which started up in 2015. What began as a fun father-son project soon became a full-blown business. All their “bulletproof” whiskey, wine, beer, and shot glasses stand out with unique objects embedded into the side of the glass. Such things include various bullets, golf balls, and hockey pucks. Many glasses have other American symbols, like eagles and American flags, that the company can etch into the glass.

What’s even cooler is that the BenShot glass workshop started on the grounds of a repurposed furniture factory that Thomas Edison—yes, that Thomas Edison—used to own. The old workspace and the surrounding woods seemed an excellent place to make unique glassware, and that’s where they’ve remained since.

BenShot uses high-tier glass furnaces and only seven hours to complete each unique piece. No glass is made the same way twice, with different combinations of etchings and embedded objects, making each one a truly individual piece.

All BenShot glasses are hand-made right in Wisconsin, meant to evoke patriotism in detailed and long-lasting artwork. Using designs original to the company, BenShot’s products have proved especially popular with veterans, hunters, and law enforcement workers. Of course, sports and drinks enthusiasts—anyone, truly—can enjoy the product too.

In a true small business style, BenShot donates some of its proceeds to charitable organizations as well. They’ve given contributions to over 700 non-profit organizations that support military veterans, first responders, law enforcement officers, and mental health causes. 

Featured BenShot Glasses Made in the USA

Rocks glass: Enjoy a whiskey like no other in this Benshot bulletproof glass. The 11oz tumbler is hand-embedded with a real, lead-free .308 bullet. You also have the option of picking a 0.45ACP or expanded 0.45ACP bullet to be lodged in the side of your glass. This drinkware is high-quality, heavy, and sturdy, designed to last for years to come. 

Pint glass: This bulletproof pint glass has over 300 5-star reviews for a reason. Made from the same high-quality, handcrafted unique glass you can expect from Benshot, they also have several options for the lead-free copper bullet lodged in the side of the glass. Choose from 0.50 BMG, 0.45 ACP, 0.308, or an expanded 0.45 bullet for some glassware that reflects your personality and style. What’s best is the more glasses you buy, the bigger the discount you’ll get. 

Decanter: Decant your beverages in style with this 750ml handcrafted glass decanter bottle. Like all the other glasses in the bulletproof range, there’s an option to pick the bullet gracing the side of the glass. These include 0.50 BMG, expanded 0.45, or a 0.50BMG with the American flag etched into the side of the glass, known as the ‘Patriotic’. The decanter comes with a maple wood topper and is guaranteed to arrive safely with the sleek custom-built box it comes in that makes it perfect to give as a gift.

Manufacturing Notes

When Benshot says they’re made in the USA, they truly mean it. Every product page lists the materials and where they were sourced, right down to the packaging. The bulletproof glasses all feature a pure copper bullet CNC’d from Lehigh Defense in Quakertown Pennsylvania, the packaging is from Connecticut and every piece is handcrafted in their Wisconsin factory. 

Not only are the product materials made in the USA but the tools to make them are sourced in America too. Their ‘where we source our raw materials’ webpage shows a map of America, highlighting states where they have supply chains alongside a list of all of their tools, materials, and products and from which state they were attained.

Benshot has a commitment to supporting local communities, boosting the American economy, and strengthening domestic supply chains by only sourcing from US manufacturers to help ‘build a stronger, healthier country’. This is evident by their incredibly generous donations to many charities and communities as well. 

As a small, family-owned business, they understand that their success is down to producing high-quality products that deliver what their customers expect. This is why they ensure all of their products are meticulously crafted by hand. Looking at photos of their factory on their website, there are very few machines, just people crafting, meaning that no two glasses are alike. 

They offer customization options on all of their glassware, with names, dates, and logos able to be inscribed into the side. Each piece also comes with a guarantee, where if you’re not satisfied for any reason or you break your product, speak to their team and they’ll sort it out. Looking at customer reviews, they get regularly glowing comments about their great customer service. 

If you’re looking for unique handcrafted glassware that is sturdy, designed to last for years to come, and a huge conversation piece, then BenShot is for you. And you can buy safely knowing that your money is going to a 100% made in the USA product that supports supply chains across America with donations made to some incredible causes.